For the first time,

the power to choose is in a child’s hands.


Experience the joy of
transforming lives


What We Do

In partnership with child sponsors and donors like you, we strive to build thriving communities where children can enjoy their basic needs.

  • Education
  • Economic Development
    Economic Development
  • Health
  • Disaster Preparedness
    Disaster Preparedness
  • Child Protection
    Child Protection

Where We Serve

World Vision Philippines has an operational presence in 27 provinces, 20 cities, 77 municipalities, and 1052 barangays, impacting an estimated population of 7 million, including 2.9 million children.

34 Area Programs and 56 Non-Sponsorship Projects


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How Each Peso Is Spent

Wise stewardship is important to us, and we strive to use our resources effectively. To find out more about our commitment to accountability and how it impacts our work, view our most recent Annual Report.