“World Vision found me and called me to serve” – Ryan, Child Sponsor


BATANGAS — It was in 2006 when Ryan, while he was walking home from work, stumbled upon a volunteer encouraging him to become a World Vision sponsor.


Ryan poses for a photo with his sponsored child, Lenard.


“I remember being enamored by the volunteer’s encourage of sponsoring a child,” Ryan, a 42-year-old administrator for an information technology (IT) firm says. “I thought that since I didn’t have anything else to spend my money on, I thought sponsoring may be good since it’s for a good cause.”

Sixteen years since that encounter, Ryan says that this decision is one that he does not regret, and is one of the best that he’s ever made in his life.

Recently, Ryan met yet again with his sponsored child, 15-year-old Lenard, while in Batangas. The last time Ryan saw Lenard was during the pre-pandemic.

Lenard’s mom, Lennie, says she is immensely grateful that Lenard’s life was made better thanks to World Vision’s sponsorship.

“The sponsorship is really a big help for us especially when it comes to Lenard’s schooling needs,” Lennie says. “Since we’re not one of the lucky ones because of poverty, I really am thankful for World Vision for the opportunity they have given to us.”

Lenard, for his part, says that World Vision has helped him come out of his shell. “I’m still struggling to speak up, but thanks to the leadership seminars they conducted, somehow these encouraged me to make more friends and be more open.”


‘It’s great to give back’

Ryan is also active in donating to World Vision. For his birthday, Ryan decided that instead of celebrating it with friends, he encouraged them to donate instead to help with World Vision’s Noche Buena distribution.



“It’s great to give back. I believe that every person has the capacity to give back, no matter how big or small their act of charity is. It’s just a matter of convincing them to do it,” he says.

Ryan then looks back at the encounter he had with the World Vision volunteer years ago. “I think of it as the perfect timing. During that time, I wasn’t looking for something, it just came out of the blue,” he says.

“I’m grateful for that because in a way, giving back gave a meaning not only for myself, but for others that I help as well. I’m thankful because World Vision found me and called me to serve,” he adds. “Because of that chance encounter, I now always keep in mind that blessings are meant to be shared.”


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