Eager to empower

She is kind, a beautiful person in and out, and a woman empowered to empower fellow women, especially young girls.

Florian started sponsoring a child through World Vision in 2000. She found this as a way to pay forward and to inspire children, especially girls.

“It is very important that we nurture, take care, inspire and empower girls. When they are empowered, they grow up as better women, who will take care of their young ones,” shared Florian.

In 2009, Florian all the more re-committed to help children. She now sponsors two girls Jessica and Jiji.

“When we empower girls, we empower our future. It shapes what lies ahead of us. These girls will become mothers, who along with the fathers, will shape the characters of their children. It is important for them not to lose hope, but be reminded of the many miracles that they can make as women when they grow up,” added Florian.

A mother of two young boys, Florian also teaches her children the value of sharing. She hopes that they can fully understand, get excited and ultimately share the joy they receive with other children.

But, Florian’s enthusiasm does not stop there! Florian involved herself in other various activities and campaigns with World Vision. In fact, her business Littledeity.ph recently partnered with World Vision for Project Momderful, where the first 10 mothers who donated to World Vision’s Back to School campaign get to win a special gift from the online store. They were successful in making ripples of kindness and promoting the virtuous cycle of empowering girls and women.

“It’s a very great experience for me, because we are very much surprised and overwhelmed with support we received from other mothers and momfluencers. Initially, we just wanted to remind moms that they are beautiful, kind and fearless, and empower them that they can do anything, but it became an opportunity for all of us to encourage people to help as well,” shared Florian.

You too can join Florian and other empowered women and be part of the movement in empowering 1,000 girls by October 11, International Day of the Girl.

Sponsorship can help a girl break free from the cycle of poverty. Empower vulnerable girls to rewrite their stories by providing them the right tools to overcome adversity.

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