Childhood Rescue

In the world’s most dangerous places, life can change in an instant.

Survive, recover & build a future.

Millions of children live amongst conflict, disaster, political unrest & ongoing instability. In these dangerous places, children are extremely vulnerable to violence, poverty, abuse and exploitation.

World Vision can’t end wars, stop political unrest or eliminate corruption.

But through Childhood Rescue, we ensure that these children don’t miss out by responding to urgent and arising needs with life-saving interventions, crisis recovery programs, and peacebuilding initiatives.


What if there's no home to return to?

“I remember we were running. I saw houses burning. I could also hear gunshots.” Raine, 9 is a Marawi siege survivor.

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World Vision highlights child protection and peace-building in the recent Marawi Week of Peace

It has been a great honor for us to work with TFBM, the city government of Marawi, and all government agencies and partners towards building back a better Marawi.

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Sowing seeds of peace to 100 Maranao children

World Vision conducts a children and youth-led peacebuilding training to learners under its ‘Empowering Children as Peacebuilders (ECaP)” initiative in Marawi National Highschool.

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Rewriting the role of Bangsamoro women in peacebuilding

“The voices of women are vital in building peace in our community. We have the skills, the knowledge and the capacity as an effective peace catalyst,” says Jhehara Zacaria, 21, peace leader.

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Realities of living in dangerous places

Discover below key issues affecting children in dangerous places.


From recovery to survival

Life can change in an instant for children as peace and order can be disrupted anytime due to the presence of armed conflict and political complexities.

There is a constant threat in peace and order as illegal trade, corruption, and terrorist groups existence are still part of their everyday life.

From joyful to fearful childhood

The constant threat in peace and order put families and children at high risk of poverty, child labor, early marriage, and terrorist group recruitment among others.

Since the Marawi siege in 2017, there is fear that a normal day of play can turn into one that children have to run for their lives again.


From hopeful to doubtful future

Building a future that can collapse in an instant is an everyday battle for families and children in dangerous places.

The loss of their home and old life serves as painful reminder that a hopeful future is uncertain.


Will you help children in the world’s most dangerous places?

Your support will help children where the need is greatest to
survive, recover and build a future with interventions such as:



To support the recovery of families and children affected by siege, World Vision has reached and provided immediate assistance to 52,000 internally displaced families.



To ensure that children continue their education, World Vision strengthens its partnership with schools and communities in improving access to education by refurbishing facilities and creating safe play spaces.



Every child is worthy of peaceful childhood and hopeful future. World Vision continues its peacebuilding initiatives to empower, train and equip children and youth as peacemakers.

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