Annual Reports

2022 Impact Report

2022 Impact Report

Evaluation and Impact Brief

E&I Brief 5: SWEET Project

Through the Sustaining Women’s Economic Empowerment Thrust (SWEET) Project, World Vision and AIMLife, Inc. continued economic sustainability interventions in 33 barangays across 3 municipalities of Cebu.

E&I Brief 4: CWP 3 Project

World Vision implemented the Clean Water Project (CWP 3) in partnership with Procter & Gamble to help reduce waterborne diseases and improve access to drinking water in Agusan del Sur.

E&I Brief 3: AMTraC Project

This study explored how graduates of the Auto Mechanic Training Centre (AMTraC) Project have used the skills they learned to improve their quality of life and achieve personal goals.

E&I Brief 2: MPP Project

An armed conflict in Marawi paved the way for World Vision to implement the Marawi Peace and Protection (MPP) Project that sought peace and protection of Marawi’s children and youth.

E&I Brief 1: Interaction Project 

World Vision implemented the Integrated Action for Children’s Nutrition (INTERACTION) Project to ensure that children under five years old are well nourished.

Other Publications

Child Rights eBook: New Normal na Walang Iwanan

“‘New Normal’ na Walang Iwanan: Karapatan ng Bawat Bata Ating Tutukan” is a compilation of Child Rights artworks created by World Vision children and youth leaders.

Research Reports

Strategies on Teenage Pregnancy (STEP)

This study looks into teenage pregnancy in the Eastern Visayas region, with the goal of informing the development of effective strategies to mitigate the risks associated with early pregnancy.

The Open Generation: A Global Teens Study

World Vision contributed to this global study on young adults by the Barna Group to ultimately “offer a picture of the global Church’s relationship to a rising generation.”

After Lockdown: A Rapid Situation Assessement Report

This assessment aims to capture how the lives of the most vulnerable children, their families and communities have been affected after more than two (2) years into the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Legacy of Selfless Service (Child Sponsorship Program)

This research looks into the impact of World Vision’s Child Sponsorship program on the “LEAD” group members vis-à-vis their motivations to establish a women-led cooperative in Southwest Cebu.

Strengthening Community Response Against OSEC and CLT

Published by the International Justice Mission, this case study looks into the community’s critical role in combating online sexual exploitation of children and child labor trafficking.

Journeying with Children Toward a Resilient BASECO

This case study documents children and youth’s participation in a local urban disaster risk reduction program in the Philippines. It focuses on BASECO, an urban poor community situated in Manila.

Unmasking the Impact of COVID-19 Part II: Childhood Lost

Through this assessment, World Vision sought to strengthen its understanding of the impacts facing some of the most vulnerable sections of Asian societies a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began.

World Vision Impact Report 2020 – Asia Pacific Region

This report brings together the evidences of scale and reach of World Vision’s humanitarian prorammes that benefited 16.7 million people (including 10.3 million boys and girls) in the Asia Pacific Region.

Community Perspectives on Online Sexual Exploitation of Children

Community Perspectives on Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC) is a research report on the views and understanding of children and adults on OSEC prevention.

Community Perspectives on Child Labor Trafficking

Community Perspectives on Child Labor Trafficking (CLT) is a research report that brings specific attention to the issue of children who are subjected to labor trafficking in the Philippines.

WV Urban Programming: Safe and Prosperous BASECO

World Vision’s BASECO Urban Development Program is featured as an evidence of how collaboration among stakeholders is an effective urban asset for a successful child well-being programming.

WV Urban Programming: An Urban Response to COVID-19

This report summarizes how World Vision responded to the impacts of COVID-19 in urban areas in the Philippines, which are considered epicenters or hotspots of the pandemic.

Public Spaces for Children’s Consultation Report

Drawing from 25 key informant interviews and 16 focus group discussions with girls and boys aged 8 to 18 in eight countries, this report provides principles and guidance for public spaces for children.

What Transformation Takes (SAS Consortium)

World Vision’s work on the Social Mobilization Tuberculosis Project in the Philippines is featured as an evidence of responsible, effective, transformative INGO transitions to locally-led development.

Impact of COVID-19 to Children and Their Families

This rapid needs assessment report takes stock of how the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered local communities in 20 provinces, 42 municipalities, and 6 cities in the Philippines.

Unmasking the Impact of COVID-19

To better understand the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on the lives of vulnerable children in Asia, World Vision conducted a recovery assessment among 335 communities from 9 countries.

Scientific Journal Articles

Mother-Baby Friendly Philippines (Global Health: Science and Practice)

Co-authored by World Vision, this is a journal article that focuses on the enforcement challenges of EO 51 and RA 10028 because of inadequate resources to regularly monitor breastfeeding-related violations.