Children are bearing the brunt of food insecurity caused by conflicts and climate change. Every child deserves the food they need to develop a healthy body and mind. Every family has the right to be able to put enough of the right food on the table. We must take action immediately.

In the Philippines, the prevalence of malnutrition, particularly stunting, among children and adolescents remain high, especially among those aged 0-59-month-old. This poses a risk not just on their physical health and development but also on their cognitive ability. The result is heartbreaking. Based on studies and statistics, malnourished children may struggle to focus in school, face economic challenges that can lead to early work. As they develop, the harsh consequences of chronic malnutrition will continue to limit them and keep them from reaching their full potential.

Despite this reality, this is also the moment for hope. The world’s attention is already on the problems that create child hunger and with the right will, together we can embed solutions fit for children in those efforts.

Give more. Act more. Pray more. Until there is ENOUGH.


Through this campaign, our goal is to help rehabilitate 7,700 undernourished children with access to life-saving nutrition and provide more than 919,700 individuals with access to clean drinking water by 2026.


Positive Deviance/Hearth (PDH) Is a community-based and food-based approach with three interrelated goals:

  • To reduce the prevalence of malnutrition among children under five years.
  • To build local capacity to treat malnourished children and sustain the rehabilitation of children.
  • To prevent future malnutrition among all children in the community.


Go Baby Go! Parenting Program - Parents and Caregivers are equipped with tools for stimulating early childhood development so they can provide age-appropriate nurturing care for children’s holistic development.


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) - Gives access to clean and safe drinking water at the same time utilizes hygiene behaviour change approaches to prevent waterborne diseases and keep children healthy.

We believe there is ENOUGH in this world for every child, no matter where they live, or the crises they face, to have the nourishing food they need to thrive and for families to be more resilient.

Help a child and their community have ENOUGH.


Become a Child Sponsor

Sponsor a child and help us address hunger & malnutrition to thousands of children in World Vision communities. Your monthly donation can provide ENOUGH food on their plates, help them with their education and provide livelihood opportunities for their families and communities!

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No child should die from starvation. No child’s future should be threatened by malnutrition.