World Vision helps thousands more families through Level Up campaign

Every year, as we set our sights on achieving new professional and personal goals, we aspire to level up! And so, as you embark on this new chapter of growth, development, and prosperity, consider extending your efforts to make a positive impact through World Vision’s Level Up Campaign.

For over seven decades, World Vision has been steadfastly supporting vulnerable children and communities through a range of impactful programs, including child sponsorship, education support, healthcare initiatives, emergency relief, and development programs. All of these incredible initiatives are made possible through the generous donations of patrons.

“Empowering the future begins with nurturing the potential of every child. Supporting foundations for children is not just an investment in their present, but a commitment to a brighter tomorrow,” says World Vision Philippines’ Donor Care & Dev’t Manager, Precious Basco. Benefactors can contribute to children and World Vision causes through a convenient monthly donation of just P750, while larger organizations and sponsors can make a greater impact through donations ranging from P50,000 to P100,000 as part of World Vision’s Level Up Campaign.

The global organizations promises to provide updates six months after your donation and, when applicable, invites you to visit the communities to witness the actual developments on the field. Your gratitude and generosity become the seeds of change. For transparency, World Vision can also issue a certificate of donation upon request.

The new Level Up initiative focuses on six main drives – Start Up!, Study Up!, Wash Up!, Child Rescue, Enough, and Perform Up! – aiming to help communities in across the country.

Firstly, Start Up! was developed to empower families, helping them generate sustainable income through effective livelihood programs and skills training workshops. Much-needed funds will be used to provide starting capital for families, equipment, and micro-financing services.

Supporting children through education is critical for their futures and the Study Up! program aims to empower them to dream and break free from poverty. This special fund will support students by promoting literacy and numeracy, providing adequate learning tools and materials, and creating safe and stimulating learning environments.

As health and hygiene are still significant hindrances to the security and well-being of children, Wash Up! aims to address families’ immediate needs by providing proper health facilities and services. This program will support the construction of communal restrooms and handwashing facilities, as well as providing safe drinking water in schools and communities.

As of date, malnutrition has affected 45 million children worldwide, increasing their risk of death by 11 times. World Vision strives to provide food security and help every child meet their height, weight, and nutritional goals through Enough. The project aims to invest in hydroponic farming to allow communities to harvest their own rice and vegetables year-round, as well as build robust programs to combat malnutrition.

Children deserve to thrive in their passions and we aim to nurture their natural gifts through Perform Up! This unique program provides opportunities for children to showcase their musical skills and express their creativity by providing them a safe environment to perform. This includes establishing a Sports Clinic and a World Vision Choir.

Finally, the Child Rescue fund is for the families and children in war-torn Marawi and Cotabato City. Five years later after the Marawi siege, thousands of homeless children and their families are still recovering from its impact. World Vision is dedicated to rebuilding the city and restoring families’ independence through the construction of bridges, expansion of health centers, and the building of safe play spaces for kids.

“One act of kindness; one gracious donation will have a ripple effect not only on the lives of a family but an entire generation of children. Through World Vision’s Level Up campaign, we can give these communities hope and the life-saving tools to dream, learn, and thrive. Together, we can build the foundations for a compassionate, innovative, and harmonious world,” concludes Ms. Basco.

For inquiries, you may email Donor Engagement Officer LJ Galang at [email protected] or give him a call/Viber at 09984758765. You may also visit

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