World Vision ambassador Marc Nelson spreads hope this season

Everyone has the power to make a difference, whether it’s through small acts of kindness or grand gestures. No act of generosity is ever too small, especially when it’s for the benefit of those in need. Marc Nelson, the charming TV host, devoted environmentalist, and esteemed World Vision ambassador, embodies this principle with all his heart. He’s been a sponsor of World Vision kids for an impressive 17 years.

Since 2006, Marc has used his incredible talents and voice to encourage more people to join the cause. Whether it’s sponsoring children or lending a hand to protect our environment, he’s all in. Currently, he’s the ambassador for disaster relief and risk management for the global child-oriented organization, using his time to shed light on the issues that truly matter.

Given the Philippines’ frequent encounters with calamities, Marc often visits communities affected by disasters to provide aid, such as Makilala in Cotabato, which experienced a devastating earthquake.

In 2022 alone, World Vision reached out to nearly 212,000 individuals, providing them with life-saving essentials. Additionally, they trained another 7,500 people in disaster risk reduction, child-focused disaster risk reduction, livelihood recovery, anticipatory action, environmental protection, climate change adaptation, and climate-adaptive agriculture.

“It’s crucial that we not only offer help and support to these communities during crises but also equip them with the skills, tools, and knowledge to anticipate emergencies and respond to them confidently and safely,” emphasizes Marc.

Beyond supplying food and resources, World Vision consistently supports people’s needs by running year-round projects all across the country aimed at empowering communities. These initiatives include the Safe Schools Program in Samar, Eastern Visayas; the Maguindanao DRR and Resilience Project; and UNFPA Preparedness Activities for the Anticipatory Action in the Province of Catanduanes Project, among many others. This holiday season, Marc will soon be visiting various World Vision sites and communities to check on the progress of these projects.

“Let’s protect our home by taking care of the environment and ensure that we’re all ready to mitigate disaster risks. It all begins with education, taking responsibility as stewards of the environment, and helping those in need,” shares Marc.

You can support World Vision in its various endeavors by becoming a child sponsor. For just Php 25 a day or Php 750 a month, you can support the dreams of children in vulnerable communities and ensure the organization’s continuous efforts to provide for their families. Visit to learn more.

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