World Vision Ambassador Mav Gonzales, Champions the Rights of Women and Girls

In a world where kindness and generosity transcend age and status, one remarkable individual stands out. Mav Gonzales, a familiar face on GMA Integrated News and Public Affairs, is not only a source of credible news, but also a powerful advocate for girls and women as a proud sponsor of World Vision.

For more than eight years, Gonzales has been an ardent supporter of this global child-oriented organization, actively contributing to its various initiatives that empower families and communities. However, her passion burns brightest when it comes to protecting the rights of women and girls.

Every year, countless vulnerable children, especially girls, fall victim to exploitation due to factors like poverty, lack of education, and hunger.

“At World Vision, we firmly believe in the potential of every girl. We know that when they are empowered, they can become future changemakers and leaders,” asserts Gonzales, emphasizing that even small contributions can create substantial impacts.

For as little as P25 a day or P750 a month, you can support a child and the many endeavors of World Vision.

Gonzales herself understands the transformative power of opportunity and support. She was once a scholar and has since become a prominent journalist, covering politics and sports. Creating a safe and nurturing environment for girls can significantly alter the course of their lives.

“We firmly uphold that education is the birth right of every girl and woman. With your support, we can fulfil all their needs – from a secure environment free from fear and violence to protection against exploitation. We aim to create an environment where they can flourish and succeed,” she passionately states.

Beyond her sponsorships, Gonzales goes the extra mile to garner support and raise awareness for World Vision’s endeavors. She recently lent her talents to the #GirlsCan campaign, and in the upcoming months, she plans to visit communities around the metro to check on the progress of World Vision programs this Christmas season.

Mav Gonzales exemplifies how a single person, regardless of their status or age, can make an enormous difference in the lives of women, girls, and communities worldwide. Her commitment to empowering the vulnerable is a beacon of hope, reminding us that we all have the potential to be forces for good in our communities.

Join Mav Gonzales as she visits World Vision communities these coming months. To delve into more of World Vision’s remarkable initiatives and learn how to become a sponsor, visit

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