World Vision Encourages Men and Boys to Become Allies in Its #GirlsCan Campaign

In a world where we’re fighting for women’s rights, how can men contribute to the greater progress of the cause? This September, World Vision Philippines launches its #GirlsCan Campaign in honor of the International Day of the Girl Child. This campaign not only aims to empower girls and promote their rights, but also encourages men and boys to actively participate as valuable allies.

Reports highlight a significant finding: While progress in gender inclusion programs is attainable through collective efforts, the impact dramatically improves when men are intentionally, and deliberately involved. Statistics show that when men engage, around 96% of organizations make progress, compared to only 30% when men aren’t actively engaged. This underscores the pivotal role men can play in fostering positive change for women and girls.

But becoming a better ally in the fight for women’s rights involves a combination of self-education, self-awareness, active support, and advocating for positive change. Here are some steps that men and boys can take to be effective allies:

1. Educate yourself: Dedicate time to learn about gender inequality, women’s rights, and the global challenges faced by women. It’s essential to view your position through the lens of privilege and to comprehend the historical, social, and systemic factors contributing to these issues.

2. Listen and learn: Pay attention to women’s experiences, stories, and perspectives. Engage in active listening without becoming defensive. Acknowledge your privilege and be open to learning from women’s experiences. Talk to other women, from within your social circles, professional networks, and even your own family about their experiences.

3. Challenge your beliefs and attitudes: Examine your own biases, stereotypes, and preconceptions about gender roles. Reflect on how these attitudes may contribute to inequality and work to unlearn them. On the other hand, challenge as well harmful notions – like “toxic masculinity” – that perpetuate stereotypes and contribute to the oppression of women. Embrace healthy and respectful ways of being a man.

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4. Speak up: Use your voice and platform to speak out against sexist attitudes, behaviors, and jokes. Be prepared to challenge inappropriate comments or actions at the moment, even if it’s uncomfortable. Also, make an effort to acknowledge and amplify the voices of women – may it be in public forums, meetings, and such so that their ideas and contributions may also be recognized and respected.

5. Support and share: From merely holding space to let women speak, advocate for true change by supporting policies that promote gender equality. Advocate for women’s leadership in all spaces – from business, politics, the academe, and beyond. In addition, contribute to and support organizations like World Vision and its projects and initiatives that focus on women’s empowerment, education, and economic independence.

World Vision hosts an array of projects and initiatives nationwide, from feeding programs to livelihood training and education, all aimed at transforming communities into spaces where girls and women can thrive. As an ally, your impact can be significant—join this movement by contributing as little as Php 25 a day or Php 750 a month to become a proud sponsor.

Remember, the pursuit of women’s rights and empowerment is about creating an equitable world for all, regardless of gender.

Join the conversation using #GirlsCan and #WorldVisionPH. Stand up for the rights of girls and be a part of this impactful movement toward a more equitable future. To learn more about World Vision’s other noteworthy initiatives, visit

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