World Vision intensifies COVID-19 awareness in the rural areas starting January

World Vision has so far reached at least 66,500 individuals within its served communities nationwide through its information-sharing about COVID-19. As part of its preparedness scheme, the awareness drive started in January even before the lethal virus was officially declared a pandemic by WHO.

In many rural areas where the organization is working, many families have limited means to get information. World Vision identified this challenge and addressed it through the said activity.

The organization also salutes its community volunteers, the teachers and local health workers who dedicated their time in sharing “Stay Safe” messages to the families.

In light of stronger measures like social distancing and community quarantine implemented by the government to further prevent the viral spread, World Vision commits to find means to get the life-saving information across, especially to hardly reached communities. In coordination with the local governments and local health units, more people will be reached.

World Vision also raises an appeal to the concerned public to support the families who have lesser capacities to protect themselves from the ongoing outbreak.



You can send much-needed help to equip families by providing them supplies which they can use to fight the COVID-19 pandemic virus

Help Equip Families To Fight COVID-19


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