The world is beset with so many needs, so many reasons to take action.

Providing essentials like water, food, and healthcare is important, but solving extreme poverty needs to start with empowering people to help themselves.

There have never been more reasons to sponsor a child than now.


3.53 million

Filipino aged 6 to 24 years are
out of school children and youth

due to marriage or family matters, lack of personal interest, and financial concern.

Child sponsorship aids in providing better facilities and programs so that children will have better access to education and be encouraged to pursue their dreams

PSA, 2017

1 in every 3

Filipino children under 5 years old are

or are too short for their age due to lack of access to nutritious food and long periods of hunger.

Child sponsorship provides children and famillies with the means to fight hunger and achieve food security.

ReliefWeb, 2021
Child labor


Of the 872,000 working children aged 5-17 are child laborers,

majority of which were found working in the agriculture sector.

Child sponsorship empowers children to know their rights, and support parents and communities to see that their kids are protected from labor exploitation

PSA, 2021

You can help transform lives with World Vision. Sponsor a child today

Empowering children and communities through sponsorship

Our 65 years of development experience has taught us that empowering children and their communities to stand on their own two feet is the best way to make real and lasting change.

Here’s how our approach to child & community sponsorship works:

  • We are community-led: We work hand-in hand with the community to fix the root causes of poverty – not only enabling essentials like clean water, nutritious food, and healthcare for all, but also child protection, education, and economic opportunities.

  • We are child-focused: We ensure children are empowered to develop healthy minds, bodies, and spirits, so they can achieve long-term success for themselves and their community.

  • We maximise impact: We combine your monthly donations with those of other sponsors of that community to make the biggest impact on the worst problems children face.

As a World Vision Child Sponsor, you can help empower children and their communities to thrive.

You can eliminate fear

You can provide lasting change

You can break the cycle of poverty for good

One child, one reason at a time.

You can help transform lives with World Vision. Sponsor a child today