The COVID-19 pandemic has made the already difficult situation

more desperate. While everyone is affected, the most vulnerable are the ones who suffer the most.

As the list of needs grows, the list of reasons to help grows with it.

Giving Aid through Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship provides long-term solutions and life-changing essentials like clean water, food, healthcare, and education to children in need. Your support helps your sponsored child and his family break free from poverty, enabling them to build a sustainable future.

Sponsoring a child is one of the most personal, effective ways to fight poverty. Your donations are combined with those of other sponsors to lift your sponsored child and their community out of poverty. Sponsorship also gives you the chance to build a connection with your beneficiary, allowing him or her to see a world beyond their communities. Many sponsored children were able to achieve greater things than what was previously possible, all because someone invested in them. Most importantly, sponsorship gives children hope that a brighter future awaits.


For every child you help, four more children will benefit too.

Find Your Reason



In 2020, millions of children have stopped schooling because of the pandemic.

Through sponsorship, children like Salma were able to continue studying and pursuing their dreams.



More than half of Filipino households cut back on food expenses last year. That meant getting cheaper, less nutritious food, having smaller meals, or even skipping meals altogether.

Children are undernourished, but they don’t have to be.

Child Labor


Today, around 3.2 million Filipino children are still engaged in child labor.

Through sponsorship, Angel was able to escape child labor and now advocates against it.

You can be the reason one child goes to school instead of doing hazardous work.