Breaking COVID-19 boundaries through art

Cheris Yuen does not believe she is particularly good at art nor does she believe that she is exceptional at design. Even so, the long-time World Vision child sponsor from Hong Kong knows that no matter the level of an artist’s skill, the message and sincerity behind an artwork will resonate with its audience.

This was the reason that compelled Cheris to join World Vision’s virtual corporate volunteerism program, an initiative that allows citizens and employees to commit their time and talents to helping vulnerable children even if they are not physically present in the communities they want to serve.

In her spare time, Cheris made artworks for World Vision’s public engagement and awareness campaigns in the Philippines, including the 5k campaign challenge, a project aimed to encourage students and their families to take part in the local COVID-19 emergency response, and the Abutin Na10 campaign, a fundraising effort for public school students in partnership with the Philippines’ education department.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has kept people apart, where hugging, kissing or handshaking has become a risk. On the contrary, there are people, including medical and social workers, who are selflessly risking their lives in the frontline to serve the sick and the underprivileged.  What can I do, within my limited skills and knowledge, to contribute to the community?” shared Cheris, who works as the Global Markets Risk Vice President of Bank of America in Hong Kong.


Breaking boundaries

While Cheris is happy to contribute to worthwhile and relevant causes for children, she is also thankful that volunteering has given her additional opportunities to spend time with her son at home.

“The idea of virtual volunteering is perfect for me as it overcomes the physical boundary of geographical distance and time zone constraints,” she explained. “As a pleasant surprise, my 12-year-old son, who just started his summer holiday, offered to help colouring and digitalising my artworks.”

“As a child sponsor, World Vision has been my longstanding supporting charity. I truly believe how lives can change by their works in serving the underprivileged,” Cheris added. “We are grateful to have the chance to participate in charities.  We strongly believe each of our small-step can make a difference to the world.”