6,000 Joys – The JOYS of the child sponsorship journey


Miss Universe Catriona Gray was right when she said that life in the slums of Manila is poor and very sad. What if we tell you that there is a silver lining? That there’s hope and you could give something? And that we could have a place where children will have a smile on their faces?


Child sponsorship brings joy.

Child sponsorship is helping a child in need. When you sponsor a child, you bring them joy by helping provide life-changing essentials like education, clean water, health and nutrition and more while you build a relationship with the child through letters, photos, and updates. The goal is to help your sponsored child and his family break free from poverty and build a sustainable community.


6,000 Joys is a campaign highlighting the Joys of Child Sponsorship — a unique and rewarding experience for a sponsor and their sponsored child. Child sponsorship is meaningful, rewarding, and life-changing. Not just for sponsors, but for the sponsored child too!

“Child Sponsorship is one of the ways that I can give back, bring joy to other people, who do not think it is possible to have joy,and open the eyes of the children, families, and communities to many opportunities of joy.”, says Jasmin Curtis-Smith, Child Sponsor and World Vision Celebrity Ambassador.


Our Manifesto

They say we, child sponsors bring joy to many children.

We give aid to their schooling needs. We allot support for their well-being. We shelter them with our generosity.

But little do people know the surprising return that we experience as sponsors.

The joy when we receive a letter from our sponsored child. The joy when we meet them.

The joy when we see them smile for the first time. The joy when we hear them say thank you.

The joy when we share stories to our own children.

We can go on and on about it, but there are roughly 6,000 more hopeful little ones that have yet to enjoy life in all its fullness and 6,000 more generous hearts that need to experience this kind of joy.


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Learn about Child Sponsorship

Join us in our campaign to have 6,000 children sponsored. Be a child sponsor today!

Joy is found in the simple things in life that we often take for granted.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience real joy!



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