Fishermen receive new boats in Sorsogon

Families in a town in Sorsogon whose main livelihood is fishing recently received nearly Php500,000 total worth of boats from World Vision.

“We’re hoping that these fishing boats will help families cope with their current situation especially this pandemic,” Rey Montimor, Program Manager in Sorsogon, says. Five vulnerable families or those who have no means or have difficulty in providing for their basic needs each received a non-motorized boat.

A big motorized boat is also given to a fishermen’s group as income augmentation. According to Montimor, the boat assistance has saved families from spending between their money to build or buy a new boat. “Instead of spending for their own boats, they can save their money to buy for other needs of their children,” Montimor adds.

The town’s coastal areas have been its main source of revenues. A family can earn between Php500-Php1000 a week from their catch.