10 reasons to have hope in 2021

Though 2020 upended many of our plans, that couldn’t stop God’s miraculous activity throughout the world. While progress on ending poverty and boosting development has slowed or stalled because of the pandemic, there are still reasons to have hope for the future. Lots of reasons, in fact. We can trust that our sovereign God hasn’t stopped working. Discover 10 reasons to have hope in 2021 and ways we can pray for God’s continued providence.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.—1 Thessalonians 5:16–18


1.Whether disasters reach the news or not, World Vision is responding with resilience to provide hope to the most vulnerable.

Our goal isn’t only to be the “first in” when responding to the most urgent humanitarian crises, but also be the last out — seeing families and communities through hardship to restoration.

Typhoon Goni-affected families in Albay received hygiene items from a consortium of non-governmental organizations (NGO) to maintain the family’s health and hygiene, especially the children.

Jesus, we thank You for offering hope to people suffering from disasters — the typhoon earthquake, volcano eruption survivors. May we follow Your example in seeking out the lost, injured, and threatened, providing care and protection during their hour of greatest need.


2. Children are experiencing God’s love.

World Vision is empowering local churches, schools, and parents to create engaging, faith-filled environments that help children and youth.

World Vision holds webinar about role of church during a pandemic

Jesus, Your love changes hearts. As children learn to follow You more closely, may they find their value in Your grace. Help them love people around them in ways that point them to You.


3. Ensure lifelong learning opportunities for all.

World Vision’s education programs prioritize equitable access for all and measurable learning outcomes, so we can ensure children have the education they deserve — and a solid start to reach their God-given potential. And with 1 in 4 children living in a country grappling with humanitarian crises, we are providing education along the continuum from disaster relief to development.

In line with one of World Vision’s child well-being aspirations (children should enjoy education for life), we have donated printing materials and photocopy machines to 18 schools in Batangas and Camarines Sur to assist teachers in producing printed materials for their students.

Righteous King, You created every one of Your children with great potential. May we empower every child to achieve their best and walk into Your plan for them.


4. We can solve the global water crisis within our lifetimes.

World Vision is the largest nongovernmental provider of clean water in the developing world, reaching one new person with clean water every 10 seconds and three more schools every day with clean water. We are increasing our impact and scope to reach everyone, everywhere we work by 2030. The sixth of 17 Sustainable Development Goals created by the U.N. also includes achieving universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030.

Gone are the days when Jory would go through a dangerous path to get clean drinking water. The access to water delights Jory and his classmates. Today, instead of fetching water from the spring during break time, Jory is able to play with his friends.

Faithful God, help World Vision to bring clean water to those who desperately need it, and work in hearts to reveal the living water we can receive from You.


5. Karie could wake up without worrying if there was enough food to eat.

For 14-year-old Karie, life was a series of hunger and fear of starvation – made worse with the onslaught of COVID-19. Yet, it was during this period that Karie and her family experienced a miracle she never imagined possible. For the first time ever, she could wake up without worrying if there was enough food to eat. On the contrary, they had enough food to last them through the endless days of lockdown, even after the pandemic stripped the family of their only source of income.

With the seeds World Vision provided them and with training in sustainable farming techniques, for the first time, Karie’s backyard was home to a flourishing vegetable garden – a gift that could change her life for good.

Gracious Lord, we sing Your praise, giving thanks for Your blessings in the lives of people around the world like Karie and her family. May we carry Your hope within us.


6. More mothers and children are surviving and thriving.

Between 2000 and 2017, the rate of women dying in childbirth or from birth complications has dropped by 38%. Why? Better nutrition and access to quality healthcare are giving moms and their babies a healthier start. Improved water and sanitation prevent many diseases and boost children’s immune systems.

Emergency Response: To support the local health units’ continuity of service delivery, UNFPA and World Vision will provide power generators, set up Women-Friendly Spaces (WFS) and emergency maternity tent as temporary birthing clinics for pregnant women.

Great Healer, we give You thanks for every precious mother and child whose life has been saved. Give us courage and strength to extend Your love to more mothers and kids so that they may enjoy fullness of life.


6. More Girls are educated.

World Vision helps girls stay in school longer and get a better education so they can avoid child abuse, child labor and high-risk teen pregnancies. Educated girls have fewer children and are better able to take care of them.

Growing up in an urban poor neighborhood, 17-year-old Angel is no stranger to minors working in hazardous jobs. She is dedicated to empower her fellow youth and campaign against child labor.

Lord, may You fulfill many girls’ longing for wisdom and a better life. Bless them with a quality education, safe space, school supplies, and a family that supports their goals.


7. World Vision ensures that every Filipino child is protected from all forms of violence during this pandemic.

Together, we are supporting the efforts of those seeking to prevent violence, protect childhood, and help make societies safe for children. By 2030, we hope to end abuse, exploitation, trafficking, and all forms of violence and torture against children.

Child rights organizations call for the protection of all Filipino children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Lord, touch the lives of children even before they are born. Let them be born healthy and whole, and let their parents love and cherish them as much as You do.


8. Restored relationships and lives are possible — even in the worst of situations.

Nepaline, who lives in an Aeta village in Batangas, is one of the children who recently received World Vision’s school supplies and workbook that aims to help children and their family express their thoughts and emotions while on a prolonged quarantine. The workbook features activities based on World Vision’s Celebrating Families Module.

A 2020 global survey conducted by World Vision showed that children aged 8 to 13 are suffering from emotional distress and troubling feelings due to uncertainty and isolation brought by the COVID-19 crisis. Among the negative emotions expressed by the children were anxiety, anger and worry, due to uncertainty and dealing with isolation. The study, conducted between March and April 2020, interviewed 101 children from 13 developing countries, including the Philippines.

“The worksheet will guide families make a more productive use of their time together, at home. The activities can function as ice breakers and as reflection material for family members, to reflect and talk about their experiences, joys and struggles. Some parts of the worksheets will also help families share their thoughts and feelings about the current COVID-19 crisis,” Charisma Callejo, World Vision’s Spiritual Nurture for the Filipino Children Project Manager, said.

Lord Jesus, who came bringing good news of great joy for all,come into our hearts again. Help us to bring Your joy to all–to see no one as unloved or unworthy, to see no one as outside your reach or concern.


9. Parents are tapping into their vast potential.

With help from World Vision, more parents are raising, harvesting, and preparing food to make their children healthy and their communities more prosperous. We’re equipping them with the economic tools and training they need to build a solid financial future.

A group of 28 fathers in North Cotabato is inspiring other members of their community to combat food insecurity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, through natural farming system.

Dear Lord, bless the donor’s efforts to lift up the most vulnerable people, and may our care for others come from our love for You.


10. Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, four more children benefit, too.

In support to Mary Jane and thousands of children around the country, We continue to provide learners’ kits to children around the country.

Kind Creator, help us show Your love to children like Mary Jane and her sister Glea. Thank You for multiplying the effect of child sponsorship to impact many more of Your children. Empower children, families, and their communities to stand tall, free from poverty.


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