First Bountiful Harvest


Their first bountiful harvest could mean

 they won’t need to worry about food for the rest of the year.




Imagine if, for the first time, a vulnerable child didn’t have to worry about having enough food to eat –

but instead had so much they could share with neighbors, or sell for additional income?


For 14-year-old Karie, life was a series of hunger and fear of starvation – made worse with the onslaught of COVID-19. Yet, it was during this period that Karie and her family experienced a miracle she never imagined possible.




For the first time ever, she could wake up without worrying if there was enough food to eat. On the contrary, they had enough food to last them through the endless days of lockdown, even after the pandemic stripped the family of their only source of income.

With the seeds World Vision provided them and with training in sustainable farming techniques, for the first time, Karie’s backyard was home to a flourishing vegetable garden – a gift that could change her life for good.



“Not only do these families have food on their table now, but they also have spare produce that they are able to sell for additional income.”


“I helped plant the seedlings… and I am in charge of watering the plants every day. It is important to eat vegetables because it helps keep our bodies healthy.”


As the new year starts, imagine if you can make 2021 count by being a source nourishment and sustenance for the needy?

Imagine if, because of you, children like Karie will finally have a chance to experience a New Year of Firsts.


Begin 2021 by changing the life of a child – for good.


Make the new year count.