First Clean Water

The first clean water pump in their barangay

could be the last time dirty water makes them sick






Imagine the excitement and relief

of being able to flush the toilet at school for the first time.


A year ago Jory would still hike down the spring to get water. It takes at least 15-30-minute walk going to the water source. When it rains, children have to endure a slippery hike. When at school, each child would have to carry a galon so toilets have enough water.




“This forces a lot of our students to defecate and/or urinate anywhere. Girls tend to hold their urines. Either of these two is not healthy for them,” says school principal Diole Insag.

Everything changed when World Vision’s child sponsorship programme partnered with the local community. Water pipes were installed to allow the flow of water from the source to the school. A water tank was also purchased and a hand water pump was installed.



Gone are the days when Jory would go through a dangerous path to get clean drinking water. The access to water delights Jory and his classmates. Today, instead of fetching water from the spring during break time, Jory is able to play with his friends.


For the longest time, we have been hoping for a safer way to access clean water. I am grateful that the younger generation won’t have to endure for as long as we did.” – chieftain of the village


As the new year starts, imagine if you can make 2021 count by being a source of care and comfort for the needy? Imagine if, because of you, children like Jory will finally have a chance to experience a New Year of Firsts.


Begin 2021 by changing the life of a child – for good.


Make the new year count.