Simple investment tips from a financial expert

Financial expert Joseph Ramile advises the residents of Batangas that when it comes to handling expenses, it is best to make investments in business ventures they are familiar with, as well as not making it a habit to make loans frequently.

BATANGAS – Nowadays, there are several ways to grow one’s money, financial educator Joseph Ramille of International Marketing Group (IMG), said. IMG is a global marketing and financial company that caters to the needs of individuals and families to help them become financially independent.

Here are simple investment tips Ramille shared with residents in Batangas during the first Community-managed Savings and Credit Association (CoMSCA) summit in the area. CoMSCA is World Vision’s program that teaches families the importance of savings.

  • Invest in something you’re familiar with. Ramille shared that it’s best to invest in business ventures or companies you’re familiar with. This way, it would be easier for you to keep track of your money’s growth and you would know easily what to do should risks happen.


  • Don’t succumb to pressure. “Don’t be pressured when somebody asks you to put your hard-earned money in certain investments you do not know about. Though it may be enticing since it’s an opportunity to grow your savings, you might end up regretting it when things take the wrong turn and you won’t know what to do,” Ramille said.


  • Know the investment language. Ramile further advised that before one invests, it’s also best to be familiar with financial jargons since there may be terminologies that are difficult to understand.


  • Manage your debt. He also reminded practicing debt management. “Only apply for debt when you need it most, and make sure you know you are capable of repaying it eventually. Even the most successful businessmen we hear today use this principle of using debt wisely,” Ramile said.

In that same event, a CoMSCA group called Loved BDC donated P50,000 to World Vision.

World Vision Program Officer Michael Macabasag thanked the residents, saying that it was fortunate that the CoMSCA program remains successful in the community in 2016. “It’s really overwhelming that a lot of people are still interested in the CoMSCA program,” he said. “It only means that families really want to learn and understand financial literacy and ways of saving.”

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