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“I know this should just be a #Chosen story, but I have decided to also write how and why I became a child sponsor.

My name is Lorelie Ann C. Rivera, a practicing physician in the field of Internal Medicine and a professor in a medical university in our country. My current life basically revolves in clinics, online classes, and the hospital. In my free days, I read my favorite self-help books, attend to my plants, and occasionally mix some cream cheese and heavy cream with my favorite ube, as I am also a newbie baker.

Ever since I was a child, our parents always reminded us of the importance of a good education—its role in achieving one’s dreams and aspirations in life. I guess that has always been my belief. That’s why I pursued medicine and eventually became an educator as well. You might be wondering why medicine? Can you educate in medicine? I believe that what makes an exceptional physician is his or her ability to really educate patients about their condition. The name “doctor” in itself means “to teach” in Latin. For me, medicine and education goes hand in hand and I am grateful for I am living these dreams of mine.

Having education as my passion, that’s where my journey with World Vision started.

I started my sponsorship late 2018. At first I was hesitant, I thought to myself, “Susulat nga din kaya siya (Will my sponsored child also write to me)?” One day, I got an email from World Vision stating that I have a letter from my sponsored child! And that letter came at the perfect time because I was dealing with some personal struggles then. From that moment on, my sponsored child’s letter always came at a perfect time. It has always been like that. I would feel low, and suddenly I would receive a letter from him. Before, I thought I was the one blessing my sponsored child, now I realized, he is the one actually blessing me. With that I am forever grateful.

Then came #Chosen. During those times, my career as a physician is already growing. I was thinking of ways on how I can give more to the community now that I am being blessed by our Lord with more abundance.

When I saw the #Chosen program of World Vision, I told myself, this is it! It’s time, I will sponsor another child. I also got intrigued of this program as it is something new for me. I was like, “Meron nga din kaya na pipili sa akin? Siguro naman nga meron, sino kaya (Will someone also choose me? I think someone will, but who)?”

I remembered waiting for World Vision’s update about my submitted photo. There was also a time when they would reschedule the dates of the result of #Chosen. Oh, the anticipation! It is true, I was nervous and excited at the same time during those waiting period!

Then one day, I got an email from World Vision telling me I have been chosen. I can still remember my excitement when I opened that email. A humble-looking, beautiful 10-year-old girl chose me.

Her name is Shane. She’s from North Cotabato, in her primary level of school, and her favorite subject is Mathematics. I opened her first letter and she said that the reason she chose me is because I am pretty and that I look kind. I remembered I was just smiling in my face and in my heart after reading that. I wrote to her back a letter right away.

Over this past year, Shane and I have shared a few letters already. I love seeing that “You have a letter” in my email from World Vision.

Last Christmas I donated a Noche Buena package for them and their community. As much as possible, I am trying to constantly write to her and my first sponsored child. I hope to see Shane achieving her goals and dreams in life one day. By the way, she also wants to become an educator too—a teacher!

I am grateful to be part of #Chosen. I knew back then I was meant to do this. I’ll forever remember those feelings of anticipation, excitement, nervousness, and joy in the end.

Despite of everything that’s been happening around us and the times I would feel low and worthless, I am grateful for the two kids who are thankful to have a sponsor supporting them. And that is the impact of #Chosen and World Vision to me. Thank you World Vision!

I pray for my sponsored children Jaycee and Shane, that they may be able to overcome and endure the stress and difficulties of their new mode of learning. May they continue to persevere despite the lows of life. I pray for their parents and families, that they are always safe and healthy. I pray that they constantly put our Lord Jesus Christ in the center of their hearts and lives. I also pray for abundance and blessings. May they live their lives according to our Lord’s purpose for them. Amen.”

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