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The power to choose in a child’s hands

See what happens when a child is empowered to choose. And, see what happens when YOU are put in the position of being #chosen.


What is Chosen? 

Chosen is a ministry experience for churches built around a universal need that lives within each of us. The desire we all feel to be seen and known by another. The longing we feel to be chosen—to feel that we matter.

Chosen reminds us that choosing to believe in each other gives us a greater sense of purpose, and helps us experience the fullness of life Jesus talks about in John 10:10. And it offers the chance—through sponsorship, to empower the kids we serve with real choices, so they can become agents of lasting change.


Is Chosen different than Child Sponsorship? 

Chosen is not a “different sponsorship product/model” – it is a new invitation to sponsorship.

Think of it like this:
Same Sponsorship Product & Development Model that Empowers Children, Communities, and Sponsors
+ Plus, a New Invitation to be Chosen by a Child for the First Time Ever
= Equals Life-Changing Transformation for Everyone Involved


Being chosen as a child sponsor: how does it all work?

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First, sign up and submit your photo.

Your name and photo are sent to a sponsorship community, where staff are setting up the kids’ choosing event! (Stay tuned for the details!)


Then a child will choose YOU.

Some kids have waited years to be chosen by a sponsor. Now, at the choosing event, it’s their turn. Which child will choose you? You’ll get a photo of your new sponsored child holding your photo, plus a letter about why you were chosen.


You’ll see your gifts at work. . .

Your Php 750 a month is combined with other sponsors’ gifts to support community projects that help your sponsored child and other kids thrive. Clean water, healthcare, nutrition, education — whatever they need. And you’ll get regular updates on the changes you’re making together.


. . .and celebrate the progress!

Joy travels both ways through love, prayers, and letters as you share the journey with your sponsored child. And the best part? Our approach is already built on empowering kids and communities to build lasting change. Learn more about Child Sponsorship.

Chosen is exclusively available in select events.

Contact us to learn how you can be part of this new experience –


World Vision Launches Chosen, Ushers in a New Era of Child Sponsorship

Children now have the power to choose their sponsors!

Sept. 20, 2019 — For the first time in its seven-decade history, World Vision is launching a new invitation into child sponsorship. The Christian humanitarian organization is enabling children to choose their sponsors through an innovative experience called ChosenTM.

“ChosenTM puts the power to choose their sponsor in the hands of the child,” says World Vision International President and CEO, Andrew Morley.

It’s a simple, yet powerful switch at the beginning of the sponsorship relationship that recognizes the dignity and value of children living in extreme poverty—and expresses World Vison’s belief that these children have the power to change their own lives and their communities; and even to touch the lives of their sponsors.

ChosenTM starts with people signing up to be chosen and getting their picture taken. That photo is sent to a community where World Vision works, to be displayed with the pictures of other potential sponsors. The community gathers for a celebration where the kids choose their sponsors. Soon thereafter, sponsors will receive a picture of the child holding their photo and a note letting them know about the child and what made the child choose them.

“ChosenTM introduces children to the first of many empowering choices they will now have through child sponsorship, so they can become agents of lasting change,” Andrew Morley says, “Our World Vision launch offices are already seeing God move in miraculous ways through ChosenTM.”

Empowering people out of poverty has been at the heart of World Vision’s work around the world since the organization started in 1950. Through its efforts, World Vision has impacted the lives of more than 200 million vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty.


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