World Vision empowers children to make a long-lasting change through the “Chosen” Project

Known for its child sponsorship program, World Vision has been committed to changing the lives of the most vulnerable Filipino children so that “they can become all that Jesus created them to be”. Through the generous long-term commitment of sponsors, thousands of children today have access to programs that ensure that they are educated, nurtured, healthy, and safe.

Last September 2019, World Vision in the US invited people across America to sign up and be chosen by a child from one of World Vision’s assisted communities and become his or her sponsor. Through this, World Vision discovered a new approach towards child sponsorship by giving the “power to choose in the child’s hands”.

“At the heart of all that we do is giving children a full life as Jesus promises in John 10:10. Through Chosen, children are empowered to have options and be actively involved in their sponsorship journey. They are given an opportunity to partner and share lives with a specific individual or family to create lasting change for them and their community. It’s the start of many empowering choices that they will make as they pursue their dreams and become better version of themselves as God has called them to be”, said World Vision Resource Development Director Jun Godornes.

The inspiration behind “Chosen” came from the life-changing truth that God chose to love people and He has given each the desire and capacity to choose—to love, to care for others, and to improve lives. Both a sponsor and a child’s life can be touched and transformed by how they decide to use their power to choose.

As World Vision in the Philippines joins this global movement, Filipinos now have the opportunity to be chosen and be part of this life-changing cause, and more children will be empowered to make a difference.

“Chosen empowers children! It provides an opportunity for the most vulnerable children to exercise their God-given gift to choose. We are so excited to launch Chosen in the Philippines, and we pray that this innovation in child sponsorship will make a life-changing experience in both Filipino children and sponsors”, shared World Vision Executive Director Rommel Fuerte.

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