Chapter 2024: A Guide to Crafting Your New Year Resolutions

Written by Kristen Nicole Ranario, World Vision intern

Did you know? New Year’s Resolutions are thought to have originated 4000 years ago with the Ancient Babylonians. Promises made to pledge loyalty or guarantee that what was borrowed will be returned. When these are honored, they believe that blessings will be poured into their lives.

How ironic that a tradition passed down for thousands of years has evolved into something that people can easily dismiss when they try to apply it. That is, if they actually attempt to do so. 

If you’re one of those people who finds it hard to uphold what they have written, here are a few guides for your New Year’s resolution that can kickstart the change you aspire to see:

  1. God first.

Nurturing your spirituality is as important as caring for your physical body.  Put faith into action by seeking God’s words and knowing Him more. Craft a plan that suits you most when diving into Bible stories; you can even start with one verse a day.  

  1. Self-care: Essential.

It’s time to go beyond the typical promises to lose or gain weight this year. Whichever size may be suitable for you, aim for a healthy body. Take advantage of this opportunity to form a habit that will improve your physical health. 

Unlike other inspirational resolutions, you do not have to force yourself to complete a full-blown workout. You can start with something as simple as prioritizing healthy food, drinking 8 cups of water, or walking at least 4,000 steps per day

  1. Prioritize a healthy sleeping pattern.

Want to wake up in a better mood starting this year? It’s time for you to follow a regular sleeping schedule for your New Year’s Resolution! It even improves your immunity and lowers your risk for health problems such as heart disease, and diabetes. Maybe the way to cope with stress is to actually sleep on it.

  1. Face that fear.

Growth requires facing what we’re anxious about.  This year, try something new. Discover new hobbies, study tips, skills, fashion styles, and adventures you thought you couldn’t pull off. 

Who knows?  Maybe any other circumstance can be like that one moment when you finally ordered alone in a fast-food restaurant and realized it’s not that scary.

  1. Manage your time.

Whether you’re a professional or a student, crafting a plan for managing your time and tasks can be extremely beneficial to your mental health. According to a study published in PloS One (2021), time management improves one’s well-being and life satisfaction. This can help you maintain a study or work-life balance while increasing your productivity.

  1. Lend a hand.

There is a different kind of fulfillment when you seize an unexpected opportunity to help. Make this year extra special by reaching out to those in need. You can begin with performing small acts of kindness on the streets, like adopting stray animals or giving food and supplies to the homeless. If you’re capable enough, you can also consider donating or sponsoring a child through organizations such as World Vision. Either way, you’ll be changing lives.

  1. Save up!

Whether you have an income or a student with an allowance, make sure to spare a part of your budget for safekeeping. Establish a goal—something that can keep you motivated. Tracking your progress can also be helpful.

  1. Be committed.

Now all that’s left is to not misplace your list. Always keep it in your heart, mind, or wallet to always look back on it. Make this year a year of commitment. Start by pledging your loyalty to your resolutions. 

In the end, applying this guide to your list means that you’re investing in your own well-being. An act of love for oneself. A commitment that could allow you to see a better version of yourself. This 2024, will you finally accept the challenge?

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