Child Sponsorship helped me to become a responsible individual

Written by Liezl Leyesa (World Vision Former Sponsored Child)

My name is Liezl Leyesa, now 28, a former sponsored child of World Vision Foundation way back 1997 until 2008 in Quezon Province.

We were raised by our parents in the smallest town in Quezon Province which is also known as Plaridel “Siain” Quezon. My father is a jeepney driver and my mother is a housewife. I’m the youngest from the 6 siblings in our family. During those days, my 2 sisters were in College and others are in their high school and grade school, It is really hard for our parents to provide all our necessities. But we’re thankful because we were taught on how to value things especially our studies.

Then year 1997, World Vision Foundation came to our community and they had this project called “Mapaglingap”. This project helps and support less fortunate children not just in sending them school but by providing the community a better way to be more sustainable.

I was one of those children that were chosen to become a sponsored child. They provided our needs such as uniforms, school supplies and even our allowance. I became one of child leader of the organization as well, and this experience makes me excited because I was able to travel on different places like Cebu, Rizal, Manila, Cavite and Palawan. At first, I couldn’t imagine going to these places because these are very far from our province. I also learned about different cultures. That time, we as child leaders conducted seminars and workshops to younger generations of sponsored children. We were like their “Ate’s & Kuya’s”. Today, I am now working as a Manager in one of the most known Filipino Casual Dining Restaurant in the Philippines.

Being part of World Vision changes my life in so many ways. I’ve learned the value of generosity, teamwork, perseverance to reach goals and God’s grace.

To all the people and organization that supported World Vision, I would like to thank you all. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity you’ve given. You helped me to become a better and responsible individual. I am not in my position right now without your help. May God continue to bless this organization!