5 ways sponsorship brings joy to a child

Most of us remember what it was like to be a child. We took each day as it came and relished simple joys. World Vision’s child sponsorship program gives vulnerable children a chance to experience that, too. Here are five ways sponsorship brings life to children.

1. Child sponsorship encourages the love for reading.

Through sponsorship, more Filipino children get to enjoy reading  stories in their local language . Programs like Brigada Pagbasa promote a culture of reading and improve functional literacy among children.

World Vision believes that children can effectively learn and shine in their studies if they are encouraged by their families, schools, and communities.

The support from our Child Sponsors allows us to organize after-school literacy activities to enhance children’s basic reading and writing skills, and numerical skills to complement their lessons in school. In the process, we involve teachers, parents, and guardians so they can intentionally track their children’s progress.

2. Child sponsorship helps bring about happy tummies.

When you sponsor a child,  children receive proper nutrition so they can reach their full potential.

Limited access to health services and proper nutrition prevents children from reaching their full growth and development to protect children from diseases and malnutrition, World Vision initiates projects that promote nutritious food for families.

Pinoy Nutrition Hub, a World Vision nutrition program, teaches parents how to prepare healthy, balanced meals using local resources. Families are also taught the principles of organic gardening, to help secure their daily food source.

3. Sponsorship helps build disaster-resilient communities.

A community that lives in constant fear of unforeseen events is a community where children cannot thrive.


World Vision believes that children deserve to live in safe and disaster-resilient communities where they can play and grow. We conduct disaster-preparedness and risk-reduction trainings. Donations from child sponsors and single-gift donors also help  us to preposition emergency relief items such as hygiene kits, shelter, and non-food items which we can immediately distribute to disaster-stricken areas. World Vision already works in these hard places, responding with life-saving speed when disaster strikes. Your support helps bring immediate disaster relief and supplies, and long-term recovery so people can rebuild their lives.

4. Child sponsorship encourages self-sufficiency.

Sponsorship empowers communities to rise above poverty through sustainable livelihood programs.

We believe that families can be empowered to provide for the most basic needs of their children when they have sustainable sources of income.  To help the poorest of the poor families in the areas that we serve, we implement economic development interventions to equip parents with knowledge, skills, and livelihood opportunities to build capacity and  enable  families to live a more  sustainable life.

Through the support of child sponsors, we are able to conduct livelihood trainings for families of sponsored children and provide them with the tools to  start their own  small businesses.

5. Child sponsorship helps provide access to clean water.

Access to clean water and cleanliness are critical to the children’s well-being. In some rural or remote areas, people would have to trek at least 6 kilometers for many hours just to get water.

Child sponsorship aims to make clean water more accessible for children living in the most vulnerable communities.  The donations committed by our generous child sponsors and donors are pooled together to build multiple water facilities in these communities. These facilities will not only become a source of clean drinking water, but will also promote hygiene and sanitation to help prevent diseases among children.

Sponsorship empowers children and communities to experience life to the full. World Vision works to bring hope, joy, and justice to every Filipino child. Partner and journey with us in changing lives for the better by sponsoring a child.

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