The ripples of kindness: A Former Sponsored Child Story


Irish finds joy in teaching. She makes sure that when she stands in front of her students, she will be there not just to teach, but also to inspire.

“I see myself in them when I was their age. My hope is for them to also reach their dreams like how I reached mine,” she smiles.

Seated among her students are eight children who look up to her. After all, they share the same story of being World Vision sponsored children.


Experiencing generosity

Irish, now 23, became a part of World Vision’s sponsorship program in Sarangani province when she was five years old. Her father was a farmer while her mother was a day care worker.

“The income they get from their work is not enough to sustain our needs. My mom had to go abroad. Since then, I was left under the care of my grandmother. It was her who introduced me to World Vision.”

Irish had another parent in Carla from Canada. Growing up, she would receive letters, cards and photos of Carla and her daughter, Delany.

“Delany and I grew together. We were like sisters. They would write me letters and I would do the same. It felt good to be cared for by people I haven’t even met,” she recalls of her sponsor.

For Irish, the letters she receives during special occasions kept her grounded. Each time, they would tell her to be happy, to keep on dreaming and that they will be there for her. True to their word, they helped Irish’s parents provide for her needs in college, until she became a teacher.

The joy of giving back

Irish was nurtured by her family’s love and sacrifice. The warmth of sponsors like Carla taught her that it is possible to share love without asking anything in return. When she received her diploma, she grabbed a pen and a paper, wrote a thank you letter to her sponsor, telling Carla how blessed she is for having a family in her and Denaly and wished that she would be able to hug them one day. When she had her first salary, she bought things for her family and treated them to a nice restaurant. They deserved to be pampered, she shares.

Today, Irish is supporting her youngest brother’s education. Her generosity to most of her students whose families are struggling to make ends meet is also inspiring the younger generation. When she stands in front of her class, she exudes the same warmth and kindness she has experienced through the years

Sponsor the next Irish

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