Opting for sustainable gifts this Christmas? Here are some ideas!

After more than two years of having to spend our holidays at home because of the pandemic, the Christmas wave this year seems to catch up  with throngs of crowds in the  malls, fully-booked hotels to celebrate the holidays, restaurants brimming with families, and close friends finally getting together in-person.

While we all  brace to celebrate this festive season, most of us Filipinos are also confronted with some realities we simply can’t  ignore,  like the devastating natural effects of climate change and the worsening economic crisis caused by different factors beyond our control.

Let us not lose heart! Together, we can hope and pray that we strive as a people to strengthen our resilience and pursue sustainable solutions to face these challenges. We can even make this Christmas more meaningful and practical by opting to give sustainable gifts!

Here are some gift ideas that can leave a positive impact not just to the environment, but also to the lives of others.


1. Local artisan products

Filipino craftsmanship is world-class, but artisanal products probably don’t make it to our top Christmas list. Gift your loved ones with locally and eco-friendly  sourced items like indigenous textiles, woven bags and clothing, rattan baskets, bamboo merchandise, etc. This way you help promote our culture, sustain the livelihood of local artisans, and reduce fast fashion waste problems.


2. Fruit-bearing plants / trees

Nothing wrong with giving Pothos, Snake Plants and Mayanas, but consider giving your plantita friends something that would kickstart a food garden. From small vegetable plants like eggplant, tomato and okra, to fruit-bearing plants like calamansi or avocado, with time and proper care, they will surely  remember you every harvest time.


3. Wellness Gift Certificates

The pandemic taught us to stay safe and healthy.  For a change, why not offer a gift certificate for a good massage, vitamins supply from a local pharmacy,  or a discount voucher to an organic food store! Gifts like these are not only thoughtful, but promotes their well-being as a priority..


4. Buy investment stocks or insurance for your children

Toys may be nice and exciting for your kids this Christmas. But in times like these, it would be great to introduce them to saving and investments early on. It’s good stewardship to save and prepare for their future. They will thank you for that when they grow as adults.


5. Donation on behalf of a loved one

Donating to those in need is not just  sustainable, but life-changing. For some children, receiving  basic school supplies will encourage and help fuel their dreams.

A simple Noche Buena Gift basket may not sound too festive, but it could be the first sumptuous meal that the child and his/her family will ever experience.

Sponsoring  a child could also be the most sustainable gift you can ever give. For only 25 pesos  a day, it opens a door of opportunities for a child to pursue and live their dreams of a better future.

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