The young voices for CoMSCA


When asked if they wanted to join CoMSCA, both Joris Rey, 13, and Angelbert, 11, were hesitant. To them, being involved in the group meant lesser time for hanging out and playing basketball with friends.


Community Savings and Credit Association (CoMSCA) is a World Vision economic development project model that aims to provide simple savings and loan facilities to communities where access to financial services is difficult.


Joris Rey and Angelbert’s parents are active members of a saving group and they encouraged their children to save too. Although reluctant at first, the boys decided to give it a try.


“I used to be content with my P20 or P30 daily allowance. I would spend everything and won’t spare a peso. Then my mother finally convinced me to join CoMSCA,” shares Joris Rey.


More than just saving


Every day since then, Joris Rey started to bring ice candies, doughnuts and waffles to school to sell it to his classmates. Angelbert, on the other hand, would bring doughnuts, polvoron, and banana cue.


“Aside from our daily allowance, this is where we get our share for CoMSCA,” says Angelbert.


The boys’ experience did not just teach them the value of saving. It also taught them the value of hard work. Their income from selling food allowed them to consistently purchase the maximum share amounting to Php 50.00.


It further instilled in them the importance of discipline. They were able to manage their time with their friends, their school commitments, and even their time at home. Both of them have never missed any of their group meetings.


In December, the boys will be part of their group’s share out.


“We encourage young people like us to join a CoMSCA group. I realized that our choice is not only to spend but also to save,” ends Joris Rey.World Vision/February 21, 2018



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