World Vision distributes water purifier packets to flood-affected families in Mindanao

By Katrina Hallare and Roxanne Dela Cruz | Field and Emergency Communications Specialists

AGUSAN DEL SUR, PHILIPPINES — World Vision has recently distributed more than 500 water purification packets – comprised of a pail, pieces of cloth fiber and a manual on how to use the kits — to flood-affected families in the province. 

The water packets from Procter and Gamble can turn 10 liters of dirty water into clean and safe drinking water.

“There has been a high incidence of diarrhea during the floods, where eight out of 10 of diarrhea cases are children,” Gracelyn Granado, a community nurse, said.

Diarrhea, or loose bowel movement, is a symptom of gastrointestinal infection caused by a variety of bacterial or parasitic infections. One bacteria that causes diarrhea, the E. Coli, is commonly found in contaminated food or water, as per the Department of Health.

Access to potable water became doubly difficult for the community people after the flood. Residents used to buy water from refilling stations, after the flood, however, local government officials would supply the water. Families had to line up and bring water containers.

“We usually wash our dishes with filtered water from deep wells, sometimes using rainwater. But during the flood, we have no choice but to use floodwater to clean our dishes with because we didn’t have any choice,” 45-year-old resident Maricel shared.

“Children’s health is a primary concern to World Vision. With these water packets, families can have clean and safe drinking water for weeks,” Adonis Casinillo, World Vision Emergency Response Manager, said.

Agusan del Sur is also currently under a State of Calamity.

Apart from the water purifier kits in Agusan del Sur, World Vision is also set to distribute hygiene kits and non-food items in Davao del Norte, another province hit by the floods.  World Vision will initially support 2,000 affected families.

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