Engagement with Young Leaders

Over the past weeks, child leaders from World Vision Philippines Ness (17) and Angel (19) lent their voices in international discussions on mental health, civic engagement, and child protection. The stories they shared have helped identify gaps needed to be addressed in their communities to help improve programs and services that would benefit children and young people.

As we celebrate National Children’s Month this November, we urge governments, networks, and institutions to always consider children’s well-being, issues, and concerns in conversations, policy development, and decision-making process. Meaningful child participation is one of the core principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and World Vision believes that when children’s voices are promoted and heard, they develop a sense of empowerment and solidarity to protect their rights and be better agents of change, hope, joy and justice for their fellow children and respective communities.

Ness shared recommendations on how to improve services on mental health in a global mental health summit organized by the French Government entitled, “Mind Our Rights, Now!”

Ness moderated a session on strengthening the voice and choice of women and girls in the Regional Conference on Young People’s Rights to Civic Engagement by World Vision Asia Pacific and UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific.

Angel co-moderated “Empowered and Safeguarded: Understanding the risks children face online and how children are taking action in the time of the pandemic,” one of the sessions during the INSPIRE conference on ending violence against children during COVID-19. She also presented her call to action to Asia Pacific leaders.