Young public servant utilizes SNFC learning to own community

Joseph Palana is a 29-year-old Barangay Kagawad (Village Councilor) in an outskirt barangay in Tacloban City. He was elected three years ago. As a public servant, he is implementing the principles he learned from the Spiritual Nurture for Filipino Children (SNFC) which he learned from World Vision.

Kagawad Joseph first engaged with World Vision when he was still working in the City Population Office in the City Government of Tacloban. When World Vision partnered with the office to implement the SNFC activities, he was tapped to become as an SNFC facilitator.

He joined a Training for Trainers (TOT) and began facilitating SNFC modules including the Dare to Discover to the barangay-level.

“We partnered with the barangay government units and held a 2-day SNFC workshop for the youth,” shares Kagawad Joseph. “The Dare to Discover module was very meaningful because it helped many youth participants to have a deeper realization of their lives”

One participant, according to Kagawad Joseph, changed his perspective in life after completing an SNFC workshop. He was about to stop his schooling because of a family problem. But after the activity, he realized that he shouldn’t allow any problem to hinder his education. He also learned how to address the problem in his family.

When Kagawad Joseph left his job and ran for a public office, he brought with him the lessons he learned from SNFC.

“In our community, the common issues that affect the youth are early pregnancy and involvement with vices such as drugs and smoking. I am addressing these issues by implementing youth-focused activities including the SNFC,” says the young public servant.