Ji Chang Wook Global Fandom Alliance partners with World Vision in the Philippines for “Donate in Your Idol’s Name”

Children are amongst those most vulnerable to the impact of today’s global pandemic. Many of them have been directly affected by the loss of jobs and livelihood of their parents, and the disruption of school.

A rapid assessment conducted by World Vision in May 2020 showed that 92% of the household respondents’ livelihoods were disrupted, with the daily or casual laborers as the hardest hit. This resulted to 60%-68% of the households being unable to meet food and cooking expenses. The assessment showed that food security has worsened during the pandemic as their average food spending was further reduced from Php 1,797.06 to Php 1,184.82.

Despite this reality, World Vision in the Philippines remains hopeful that it is still possible to ensure that Filipino children are healthy, safe, educated, and protected. Through impactful and innovative projects, the organization invites fellow Filipinos and the world to work together so that more children are able to live life to the fullest.

A Fandom that Makes a Difference

World Vision in the Philippines is launching “Donate in Your Idol’s Name”. It is an opportunity for fans to make a difference while honoring their idol. Donations received will go to World Vision’s Program for Learning Continuity (Abutin Na10 campaign), Food Security (FAITH Garden), Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene (Aqua Towers) and Emergency Response.

World Vision is proud to announce that Ji Chang Wook is the first artist to be honored for “Donate in Your Idol’s Name” by the efforts of his fans from all around the world led by the Ji Chang Wook Global Fandom Alliance (JCW GFA).

JCW GFA is currently comprised of 16 fan clubs from 22 countries, united to follow Ji Chang Wook’s lead to do good for the world. JCW GFA launched its “World Donation Tour” in South Korea last December. This year, they chose the Philippines as one of their first destinations for the tour before visiting other countries.

A statement from JCW GFA shared, “Although the world is in a difficult situation, Ji Chang Wook fans believe that even a small but true and sincere effort can be of great help. Ji Chang Wook Global Fandom Alliance is honored to contribute to World Vision in the Philippines in the name of Ji Chang Wook, who consistently shows his humanity, generosity and sincerity as an actor and as a person. We aim to share his positive influence throughout the world.”

JCW GFA’s fundraising drive for World Vision raised 500,000php (US$ 10,400, 11,500,000₩) and commemorates two events: the final episode broadcast of “Lovestruck in the City” to air February 16th on KakaoTV and Netflix, at 5pm and 7pm KST respectively, and the first ever On-Tact Live Fan Meeting, “Last Winter, First Wish” to be held by Ji Chang Wook, free of charge, on his YouTube Channel on February 20th at 6 pm KST, open to all fans.

Funds raised through this partnership with JCW GFA will be used to purchase FAITH Garden Kits. 75 families will benefit from this by being equipped with agricultural inputs (seeds, seedlings, rice, gardening tools) to enable them to have access to food in their homes especially during COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are always excited to share with everyone the joy of making an impact in the lives of the most vulnerable Filipino children. On behalf of thousands of children supported by World Vision, I would like to thank the Ji Chang Wook Global Fandom Alliance for being the first ever fandom to participate in this donation drive. May God bless you all,” said World Vision National Director Rommel Fuerte.

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