Empowering young entrepreneurs to be financially proficient

OCTOBER 9 – 30 grade 3 students from the ING Learning Center in BASECO Manila participate in a financial and entrepreneurial workshop organized by Deloitte Philippines.

To celebrate their company’s annual Impact Day, eleven employees from Deloitte Philippines partnered with World Vision to conduct the virtual workshop. The event included storytelling activities, virtual games, and a financial and entrepreneurial talk, where the students learned small business ideas that they can do at home, such as making and selling their own ice candies.

Deloitte Philippines’ Impact Day is held to give their employees an avenue to use their passion and skills for the benefit of their communities. On Impact Day, everyone is encouraged to take a break from work and instead contribute time to the community. Some of the activities include volunteering for non-profit organizations and may involve “developing strategic business plans for social enterprises, delivering lessons on business ethics and values in schools, hosting skills-building workshops for not-for-profit leaders, and providing skills-development programs and mentoring to young people.”

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