Becoming who you want to be this 2020

No two people are bound to be exactly alike. Everyone differs in terms of personality, mindset, skills and more. This type of diversity is what makes our world a truly impressive creation of God.

God created each person to play a different role and therefore contributes something unique, but some of us stop at the surface level without digging down deep. We forget to pursue our role and we just follow what we see around us. We also forget to answer what God is calling us to do.

But since it’s the beginning of another new year, it might be the perfect time to start anew.

Indeed, we often can’t control the road ahead of us, but we can be sure that we have the ability to lead the journey and be on track to follow God’s calling. And your journey to becoming who you want to be can start today!

“If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging. If it is giving, give generously. If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.” (Romans 12:8)

As mentioned in the verse above, one aspect of starting anew is to make a profound difference in the lives of others. If you’re yet to find out who you can be, here are three types of people you can aspire to be this 2020:


1. Someone who makes the world a better place for children

Mae Chatto – World Vision Child Sponsor for 10 years

“Both of my parents are teachers. Growing up, I and my siblings learned from them the importance of education. It is a right that no child should be deprived of. So it pains me when I see children who are unable to go to school not by choice but by circumstances.

My decision to be a child sponsor is very basic. I want to help them live a good life in the future, one child at a time. For me, child sponsorship is like investing in insurance – it secures your future, the only difference is that it’s the future of your sponsored child and you can’t have a personal return of investment or ROI. However, it is more rewarding when you make a difference in the life of somebody out there whom you don’t know. I’m a firm believer of the beauty and wisdom of “paying it forward.” By being a child sponsor, you are doing exactly like that.

I make it a point to set aside a portion of my earnings for my sponsored child. It’s a commitment that I vow to keep come hell or high water until my sponsored child graduates. Of course, there are challenges along the way especially in year 2017 when I resigned from my job. I was in between jobs for over a year, but God provided means for me to continue my sponsorship without interruption.”

We are blessed to bless others. So from our words and actions should flow blessings that encourage, build up, and value others.
“I want to encourage my friends and fellow Filipinos to be a child sponsor through World Vision. You don’t have to be rich to be able to do it. All you need is the desire to be a bearer of hope for the less privileged children and take it from there. Trust me, you will be amazed with God’s generosity through you and towards you. In your own way, you can make the world a little better and that’s gaining points for heaven.”


2. Someone who finds value in changing someone else’s life

Kathy Carag – World Vision Child Sponsor for 10 years

“My Child Sponsorship journey started when I got a letter from the mail, it is from one of World Vision’s corporate partners, an invitation to become a child sponsor.  I read through it and thought about it. I think Christmas was coming up at the time so I felt like there was something I wanted to do – “I want to give back.” I signed up.

Child sponsorship to me means a lot because children need so many things in their present circumstances. However, many of them are unable to get such, one of which is education.

Education is such a privilege for many vulnerable Filipino children and that’s something that most of us just take for granted. We don’t realize the value of education ourselves because it seems so easy to choose schools for our children, it seems so easy to be educated. But it is a privilege. So being able to give and share what I have to someone else, hopefully changing his or her life, to me, is a very big thing.”

“I’d like to encourage other people to sponsor a child in World Vision. The organization has a way of being able to encourage children to take opportunities seriously. They monitor the development of the child and they share it with the sponsors. Sponsoring a child helps you to be part of his or her life. A few years later, who knows, this child can be someone who also creates ripples of kindness.”


3. Be the person whom you always looked up to when you were younger

Marc Alejo – World Vision Child Sponsor for 2 years

“Growing up I’ve always believed that I want to be that someone whom I needed when I was a kid and when I encountered the opportunity to actually sponsor a child through World Vision Philippines, I decided to grab that chance. To be that someone to a random child who wants to take a shot in life.

We all know the prevailing culture right now, it compels people to focus on yourself, build yourself, amass wealth but in the end, “Masaya ba ako? [Am I happy?]” I’ve had a fair share of that experience when I tend to be too focused on myself. I don’t end up being happy. But then, becoming a child sponsor, it was like a different take, it was like giving away of myself. And I realized that there’s a deep joy, there’s joy in giving away yourself. You’re not just accountable, responsible for yourself, but you also have an accountability to the greater environment and community that you live in.

I’ve been actually researching about many organizations who are trying to help poor people, poor communities but I’m very much convinced with how World Vision spends the proceeds, the donations they get goes directly to the children. If you research about that, it’s really World Vision’s strength.

I’m sure that the money I give directly goes to the children and their community.”

We are blessed to bless others. So from our words and actions should flow blessings that encourage, build up, and value others.
“I greatly encourage my friends to become wise stewards of the blessings that God has bestowed upon us and Child Sponsorship is part of it. You can give a bright future to a child and experience joy.”

We are blessed to bless others. So from our words and actions should flow blessings that encourage, build up, and value others.

Wherever you are in life today, you can make a difference in the lives of others. The world needs YOU to make it a better place. Just like how World Vision Child Sponsors Mae, Kathy and Marc realized it.

Let’s humbly ask God to provide us with a way for His light to shine through us. Always be ready, with a helping hand, to assist those you meet along the way. And, one step at a time, as you bless others, get ready, for God will do something incredible for you!

Written by Sharon Mesias, World Vision Philippines

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