4 “unusual” things to do this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching — aren’t we all getting giddy about it!

We’ve been making plans and arranging everything, making sure that the holidays will be the most wonderful time of the year for us, for our family, and  for everyone close to our hearts.

After 2 years of essentially spending Christmas at home due to  lockdown, we do long to celebrate the this season of joy differently and more meaningfully this year

We’ve listed down 4 things we can do to celebrate this Christmas  the “unusual” way:


1. Go on a vacation (because borders are open!)

Revenge travel, anyone? Making up for the lost time to explore other places could be worth the spend. The past years did not allow us to freely go see our loved ones, let alone see the world with them. Now’s a good time to give yourself and your family the best Christmas gift: go to a new place, and enjoy a much-deserved break!


2. Gather loved ones over good food on Christmas Eve (Safely, of course!)

Noche Buena isn’t complete without a family feasting over a sumptuous meal. Growing up, there are Christmas staples that are part of every Yuletide celebration – spaghetti, salad, lechon, lumpia, name it! Thankfully, there’s a good chance that Christmas meal won’t be via Zoom this year! So make your menu more exciting by showcasing the latest recipe you discovered while on lockdown and delight your loved-ones’ taste buds!


3. Take family photos (without a mask!)

We can’t freeze time, but we can get a snap shot of the moments we could keep forever. Book an appointment with photo studios that offer holiday photoshoot packages, agree on a color motif, and have the entire family dress up! This simple memento will always remind you of the precious times, the sad and the joyful, that you were able to spend together. And yes, we can possibly take photos without our masks – if safe for all  to do so!



4. Thank God for His blessings (and pass it on!)

Surviving in this pandemic is a huge blessing. We can only be grateful to God for sustaining us. The least we could do is share that message of hope and joy. Better yet,  be a channel of  blessing to others, especially those who need it the most. Go wrap and give presents that will uplift others and make a difference in their lives. You can also adapt a cause that is closest to your heart,  and commit to it by supporting it while you can.



Have a meaningful celebration of the Season!