Appetiser Apps aims to sponsor 160 children through World Vision

As the country continues to face a health crisis, it is important that children are given the protection and support needed for they are considered to be most vulnerable to risks brought about by impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aside from a disruption to their normal way of life, a rapid assessment conducted by World Vision in May 2020 showed that 92% of the household respondents’ livelihoods were affected, most of them daily or casual laborers. This means that 60%-68% of the households could not even provide for their family’s most basic needs. Many of the children from these homes are unable to go to school and purchase school supplies.

World Vision believes that it has an important role in bridging individuals and corporations to families in great need. The organization is grateful to new partnerships that continue to form despite these challenging times. One of those is with an Australian-based company that focuses on helping brands or companies in app creation and development, Appetiser Apps.

Appetiser Apps, who has started sponsoring ten (10) children last October 2020 just recently partnered with World Vision for the purpose of making a difference in the lives of 160 most vulnerable children and inspiring their 160 team members last Christmas season.

“We wanted to sponsor children in the Philippines as we have over 160 team members here. We wanted to give back to the amazing community! It’s home to the majority of our team, and a second home for those from Australia”, shared Jamie Shostak, Founder of Appetiser Apps.

As they continue to sponsor ten children each month for one year until they reach 160 kids, an Appetiser team member will be matched to a sponsored child. This will go on until all of their members have been assigned and have become a sponsor.

“World Vision’s programs are aligned with what Appetiser Apps stands for as a company. Through this, we want our employees to know that their work makes an impact. We are truly proud to be partnering with World Vision on this opportunity that enables Filipino children to have quality education and good health”, expressed Michael MacRae, CEO of Appetiser Apps.

After each team member has been assigned to a sponsored child, Appetiser Apps will also makes World Vision sponsorship a part of passing probation for every new employee in their company.

“Thank you, World Vision, for letting us work with you and help the children to have a better future”, shared Alma Samuela, GM of Production of Appetiser Apps.

“We at World Vision are very happy that Appetiser Apps pledged to sponsor 160 children. This is indeed a wonderful gift to them and their families as we look forward to a new year full of hope and promise. Thanks to you and all our partners in looking after the welfare of the most vulnerable children”, said Rommel Fuerte, National Director of World Vision.

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