Schools in Antique town blessed with reading hubs

Two public schools in Culasi, Antique received books and support for the renovation of classrooms into reading hubs, adding to the list of seven other public schools that received construction support and reading materials over the past four years.

“For the last three years, our school has a low performance rating in terms of non-readers. We would like to change this rating and achieve 0% rate of non-readers in our school,” shares Edsel Padernal, the principal of one of the schools.

“We are confident that this Reading Hub project will turn things around for us, and, develop the reading skills of our learners.”

While face to face classes are not yet allowed because of the pandemic, the schools plan to lend the donated books to children.

World Vision also donated 195 reams of bond paper to 18 schools in the municipality. The said materials will be used for the production of modules as the schools prepare for the opening of classes in the new normal.

“World Vision is concerned with the situation of the learners especially with the ongoing pandemic. Hopefully, this support will better equip the schools, especially in teaching students how to read,” shares Shekina Fegarido, World Vision Program Officer in Culasi.


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