Students Raise Funds for COVID-19 Emergency Response in World Vision’s 5K Campaign Challenge

Students across the Philippines showed their support to the children and families affected by the pandemic by participating in World Vision’s 5K Campaign Challenge, a fundraising initiative for the benefit of the child-focused organization’s COVID-19 emergency response.

The 5K Campaign Challenge’s goal is to encourage the participating students to fundraise among their peers and relatives to help affected families receive cash support to buy their basic needs.

Not only did the students were able to accomplish their goal of supporting 5 families, some of them went beyond by assisting up to 50 families.

The students who participated in the 5K Campaign Challenge, coming from schools such as Singapore School Cebu, Enderun Colleges, De La Salle University of Manila, De La Salle Zobel, and Noah’s Ark Angel Learning Center, were able to accumulate the amount of PHP 280,000 during the period of May 1 to June 30, 2020. The total amount they raised will be used to support over 280 COVID-19 affected families.

In a Virtual Congratulatory Event hosted by World Vision, the following students were recognized because of their large contribution to make the initiative a great success.

The Top Advocates or students who encouraged others to join the campaign are GabbieEcito (Noah’s Ark Angel Learning Center), Reese San Juan (Singapore School Cebu) and Maegan Yap (Singapore School Cebu).

The First Achievers or students who first achieved the target goal of 5 families and above are Justine Romero (Singapore School Cebu), Marianne Laciste (De La Salle University of Manila), and Kyle Villapando (De La Salle Zobel).

The Top Fundraisers of the 5K Campaign Challenge are Chloe Suarez (Singapore School Cebu), Bede Capulong (Singapore School Cebu), and Chelsea Abcede (Enderun Colleges).

“I’m extending my gratitude to World Vision for giving young people like us the trust in what we can do. To those who are interested in joining a child-focused advocacy like 5K Campaign Challenge or the other initiatives by World Vision, just try it. You will learn a lot of things from it, you can be better, and help many along the way,” said Chloe Suarez, the Top Fundraiser from Singapore School Cebu who was able to raise PHP 50,000 for the initiative.

World Vision Celebrity Ambassadors Gretchen Ho and Janina Vela led the 5K Campaign Challenge by inspiring everyone to unite and become #OneForChildren especially during this challenging period.

Gretchen Ho began her speech with delight knowing that students are stepping up to give what they have for those in need. “Through this campaign, young people are given an opportunity to bless others” said Gretchen.

Meanwhile, Janina Vela emphasized on what really counts in helping others at a time such as this. “It really does not matter how big your bank account is. What matters is how big your heart is,” shared Janina.

Also supporting the 5K Campaign Challenge are World Vision’s corporate partners Promate and Urbanize.

“On behalf of World Vision, we would like to thank and congratulate those who participated in the 5K Campaign Challenge, especially to our young students for going the extra mile. We are very humbled by everyone’s commitment to serve during this time despite of COVID-19,” said Mr. Rommel Fuerte, World Vision National Director.

“We are happy to announce that throughout the start of our COVID-19 Emergency Response, we were able to support over 5.2 million people, and that the 1.2 million from the total number are children thanks to the help of our donors and partners,” Mr. Fuerte added.

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