Four simple Reasons that can make a child choose YOU as their sponsor

It’s natural to look for connections when deciding who we would like to support, and begin our sponsorship journey with. After all, child sponsorship is a long-term commitment, a special relationship between the sponsor and his/her sponsored child that needs to be nurtured to truly experience the fullness of life.

Through CHOSEN – a new approach to child sponsorship where children get to choose their sponsors – we’ve given children the power to discover that special connection, and choose one special person who will become their partner in changing the course of their lives.

Ever wondered what goes through children’s minds when choosing the right person who they want as their sponsors?

You may be surprised at how they’re able to put their hope on someone and entrust them with their future, just by looking at their photos:


  1. “Pinili ko kayo dahil maganda kayo at mukha kayong mabait”

A photo of you simply smiling, can make a lasting impression to children. The first thing they might be looking at is the physical features, but most of them looks beyond. They will say “pinili ko siya dahil maganda po siya” but they will always add, “mukha po siyang mabait”. In an interview, one child also told us that she chose her sponsor because of her eyes, saying, “nakikita ko sa iyong mga mata na ikaw ay matulungin sa isang kagaya ko.”


  1. Pinili ko siya dahil gusto ko pong maging doctor kagaya niya.”

Wearing a uniform in your photos can make a huge impact.

Children chose their Sponsor because they want to be someone like them.

At a very young age, children know what they want to be when they grow up. And having someone they dream of becoming guiding them along the way inspires them.


  1. “Pinili kita dahil masaya kayong pamilya”

A family photo can make a difference. Some sponsors send a family picture and children are drawn to the idea of having a complete, happy family. Sponsorship gives them that feeling of belongingness to a family so they opt to choose a family that they think will be happy to welcome them as the newest member.


  1. “Pinili kita dahil gusto ko na may kuya”

Sometimes, a simple photo of you, just as you are, is exactly what one child needs. To children who don’t have older siblings, it’s pure joy to have someone to call kuya or ate, knowing that someone older than them guides and supports them encourages them to strive harder and pursue their dreams.

Chosen is indeed a simple, yet powerful switch to child sponsorship. Since its launch. We have seen how God moves miraculously in the lives not only of children but also with Sponsors.



World Vision gives vulnerable children the power to choose through Chosen – a sponsor-matching program that lets children beneficiaries to decide who they want to choose as their sponsor.

Not all children grow up in environments that give them choices.

But Chosen empowers children to make a life-changing decision.

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