Battling a destructive health condition


By Mong Jimenez, Field Communications Specialist


Valerie was a cheerful girl. She loved playing Chinese garter with her classmates. Her mother, Theresa, describes her daughter to be a smiling and friendly child in their house and at school.


This all changed when Valerie was diagnosed with an abnormality in her gall bladder. It all started in the year 2015 when the child caught a high fever that lasted for several days. Theresa brought her daughter to the hospital and it was discovered that Valerie had a complication in her gall bladder.


The doctor who attended Valerie hospitalization recommended a surgery treatment. However, it did not push through since the family could not afford the P80,000 operation.


“I was very eager for my daughter to undergo surgery. But my combined income with my husband could not afford it,” the 37-year-old mother recounted.


Valerie managed to endure recurring abdominal pains for a couple of years. She also lost weight and her growth was stunted. She became shorter than her peers. Her education was also affected. She missed classes for days.


It was late in January 2017 when Valerie was again hospitalized again because of body pains. The doctor highlighted again the need for an operation.


Theresa and her husband, Ronald, could no longer bear seeing their child suffer from the pain and the recurring vomiting. They agreed to their daughter’s operation.


For three months, Valerie underwent several lab tests and check-ups. The mother sought help to World Vision, where she has been a volunteer for years. The organization shouldered her check-up and medical expenses which totaled to over P30,000. The organization also coordinated with another organization to cover the surgery expenses.


The date of Valerie’s operation was set in the month of April. While the daughter remained calm and silent during the days before the operation, both of her parents were frantic. They even met a vehicular accident the day before the operation. Mending head and limb bruises, Theresa and Ronald insisted to accompany Valerie during the operation.



After years of pain and endurance, Valerie’s surgery was a success. Finally, the days of body pains and suffering were a thing of the past.


Today, Valerie has already recovered. She is back to being a cheerful and smiling child again. Her school performance has also been improving.


“I’m happy to see my daughter healed,” said Theresa. “I thank God for generous people, like the sponsors of World Vision, for supporting my daughter.”


To uphold the well being of each sponsored child, especially in terms of their health, World Vision provides health support through financial aid and referrals. World Vision/March 9, 2018



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