A mother’s unwavering love


Amina, 49, served as the beacon of strength for her eight children during the Marawi crisis.

Her family is one of the 77,000 families forced to flee Marawi City because of the armed conflict. It was more difficult for her because she also had to take care of her husband who was suffering from stroke during that time.

“We waited for a week before we evacuated. We were hoping that the crisis will stop but we decided to leave because of my husband,” said Amina.

With only P10,000 (192 USD) at hand, they stayed with a relative in a neighboring town. But the money lasted for only a month.

“The hardest part of being displaced is getting the money to buy our food. We also needed to spare money to buy my husband’s medicine,” shared Amina.

While living with their relative, the condition of Amina’s husband worsened. “It was difficult seeing the failing condition of my husband”, Amina said. After three months, Amina’s husband passed away.

For Aina, 19, the eldest of Amina’s eight children, her mother was their source of strength during this trying time. She said their mother encouraged them to continue dreaming despite of the challenges their family is facing.

“I was staring off in space when I learned that my father died. My mother told me to not give up and continue my studies. I know that we don’t have enough money,” shared Aina.

Last November 2017, Amina’s family returned to their home in Matampay Village in Marawi City. For Amina, her children are her source of inspiration to get their lives back on track.

“My children make me happy. I am fulfilled when I am able to provide for their needs,” she said.

Amina’s family is one of the 1,000 families who received cash assistance for food and livelihood through cash-based programming. Through this program implemented by World Vision in January 2018, each family received P2,500 (50 USD) for working 4 hours each day for 10 days through a partner financial service provider.

Amina started a food business in front of their house using the money she received. She sells ready-to-eat fish, vegetables and noodles.

Now, the business is the family’s main source of income. The Php500 she earns each day helps sustain their daily needs and the studies of her children.

For Aina, the Marawi Crisis and the death of her father made her realize that her mother would put them first no matter how difficult the odds are. Her mother is her figure of resilience and vigor.

“She is willing to give us everything that we need,” said Aina.

Aina and her siblings dream of giving their mother a better life in the future. They also plan to fund their mother’s Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca, the holiest city for Muslims.

“I dream to give her a nice house. I want to make her life comfortable and give her everything that she needs,” shared Aina.

Aina ended by saying, “I love you, nanay (mother) even though I don’t show it a lot.”


Published May 15, 2018/ Updated: May 7, 2019


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