School achiever owes success to parents’ hard work

Christian woke up feeling unwell. He was having a headache. To stay in bed was an easy option but the 14-year-old boy pushed himself a bit harder that day. Intramurals were ongoing in their school and Christian’s 100-meter dash contest was scheduled that morning. Tenacious as he is, he joined the race.

School achiever owes success to parents’ hard work
The 8th grader began the race with a weak start but soon as he heard his mother cheering for him from the audience stand, he bolted to the finish line and won the race.

That moment shared by Christian and his mother, Cristy, echoes how influential the parents are in his life. “Both of my parents are my motivation in life. I always give my best in school as a way to thank my parent’s hard work for me and my siblings,” he said when asked to explain his impressive win.

School achiever owes success to parents’ hard work

His outlook is grounded by the family’s modest background. Right after Cristy and her husband, Danilo, got married around 30 years ago, she started her vegetable stall in a public market near their house. Her small business earns an average of P150 per day which supports the father’s construction labor job, where he earns P2 in every sack he carries.

Each day, Christian would see his mother waking up as early at 3 in the morning to set up shop. He would also witness his father going home at night tired but still able to prepare dinner for them.

For Christy, the life she and her family is sharing is not abundant but she makes sure that her children are well provided. “When I was two years old, my father abandoned our family and we had to survive with the little income my mother was earning. Having experienced that life, I swore to work hard so that my children will not go through that experience,” shared the emotional mother.

The mother also described Christian as a son. “He is a good child. He has an ambition and I can see that he is working hard in his studies. I only hope that he will stay in that path. Me and his father will always guide him.”

Aside from track and field, the student also joins other sports like volleyball and basketball and even competes in interschool competitions. He also excels as a news writer and radio broadcast editor in their campus paper and even bagged various awards. “For me, it is important to not just focus in the academics but also participate in many extracurricular activities. The experiences I have joining big competitions improve my character,” he thoughtfully said.

As a World Vision sponsored child, he also participates with the many leadership training and interpersonal workshops. He also receives education support like school supplies at the start of the school year.

World Vision is working in different vulnerable communities for more than a decade already.  The organization aims to help children reach their full potential through child participation and education support.

Our goals are to protect Filipino children, save their lives, reduce their suffering, protect their livelihoods and strengthen their community. Children are at the center of everything we do. They are the key to a bright future for these communities.

“Together we can change the world for Children.”


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