Impact of COVID-19 to Children and Their Families

This rapid needs assessment report takes stock of how the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered communities. It also plots actions as to what kinds of assistance are urgently needed in the term.

By conducting household surveys with 423 adults and 422 children from 20 provinces and 48 cities and municipalities, the report holistically assesses the pandemic’s impact on different areas including livelihood, market access, food security and nutrition, health and hygiene, child protection, and access to critical information. At the same time, the report highlights recommendations provided by  communities, especially children, on ways to recover and move forward, while paying critical attention to opportunities where World Vision can complement efforts of the government and the wider development sector to better serve the Filipino public, especially the most vulnerable.

This report is a result of collaboration among World Vision partner-communities and staff across 20 provinces, 42 municipalities, and 6 cities. Sector representatives from local government units, community groups, faith-based groups, women’s groups, and children’s groups were also interviewed as key informants.