Unmasking the Impact of COVID-19

To better understand the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on the lives of vulnerable children in Asia, World Vision conducted a recovery assessment among 335 communities from nine countries including Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, and Sri Lanka. The report draws on the analysis of 26,269 surveys/interviews across these countries.

The COVID-19 crisis has aggravated the existing vulnerabilities of children and their families in Asia: the already high rates of child malnutrition, physical abuse, and the lack of access to proper sanitation. Families are now experiencing a devastating loss of livelihoods that in part has led to limited access to food, essential medicines, and basic health care. The resulting economic, psychosocial, and physical strain on families has increased incidences of physical abuse, early marriage, and entry of children into exploitative work like child labor. Loss of jobs has triggered large movements of people, which not only pose health risks but also cause further strains on the already meager income of families.

We invite you to look at some of the recommendations that the report puts forward for Asian governments to ensure that the most vulnerable children and their families receive much needed support amidst these challenging times.