WV Urban Programming: Safe and Prosperous BASECO

BASECO is an urban poor community and the largest among five barangays in the Manila port area. It is a 48 hectares of poorly reclaimed land around the Manila Bay with almost 10,000 housing structures surrounded by garbage and are highly vulnerable to both natural and man-made disasters such as typhoon and flooding, fire and earthquake. It is congested with a population of almost 60,000 individuals (13,000 families) with approximately 45% children. Residents of BASECO are mostly informal settlers with low income, insecure jobs and limited access to basic services such as education, healthcare, sanitation and proper shelter. The lack of solid waste management is a major issue contributing to child vulnerability.

Using 2009-2019 data, this report documents the implementation of World Vision’s Urban Ministry Model that enabled BASECO to drive change towards a safe and prosperous environment by working alongside and leveraging resources with the local government, organizations and individuals in the BASECO Inter-Agency Network (BIAN) to address child well-being issues in the community.