Community Perspectives on Online Sexual Exploitation of Children

Over the years, commitments to international cooperation and partnerships have been initiated to protect children from trafficking for sex and labor. Such multi-country and multi-sector collaborations underscore the changing dynamics of human trafficking and the nature of response needed to combat the crime. The prevention of child abuse and exploitation begins at the community level, which is the core of collective life.

“Online Sexual Exploitation of Children” is a research report that brings specific attention to the views and understanding of children, parents, caregivers, and local-level stakeholders on the prevention of online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC). World Vision’s goal is to ensure that the voices of communities, especially children, are at the center of stakeholder discussions on how we can better address OSEC in the Philippines.

Child Protection Compact (CPC), an agreement signed by the Philippine government and the United States government, aims to address the problems involved in the trafficking of Filipino children for sex and labor. The CPC Partnership is implemented by International Justice Mission (IJM), World Vision, The Salvation Army, and World Hope International.