After Lockdown: A Rapid Situation Assessement Report

This report is an output of the 2022 Rapid Situation Assessment (RSA) conducted by WVDF across its 28 existing program areas in 24 provinces, which includes 48 municipalities and at least 290 villages (or barangays). The study aims to capture a general overview of how the lives of the most vulnerable children, their families and communities have been affected after more than two (2) years into the COVID-19 pandemic.

This report also emphasizes the importance of putting in place various support systems to ensure that target groups, vulnerable sectors, and the general populace is supported in their recovery from the ill effects of the pandemic. These support systems include social safeguards and assistance in overall social well-being (i.e. stable livelihood, access to quality food, education, mental and spiritual care), which will aid them in rebuilding and positively adapting to the “new normal” or the life adjustment after long periods of quarantine measures due to the pandemic.