Building Sustainable Communities


When families have sustainable sources of income, they gain the capability to support the most basic needs of their children. World Vision’s BEStApproTech (Building Entrepreneurial Skills through Appropriate Technology) approach is an economic development intervention that equips parents and guardians with necessary knowledge, skills, and livelihood opportunities so they can provide for their families and build sustainable communities for the next generation.


To help the poorest of the poor families in the areas we serve, World Vision distributed agricultural inputs and assets like rice, corn, vegetable seeds, basic garden tools and small animals (poultry and piglets) as well as provision of technical training on Organic Agriculture in partnership with local government units (LGUs). As part of our Local Value Chain Development (LVCD) program, we also conducted entrepreneurial trainings to 2,383 community members, and helped 2,630 households establish group and individual small businesses capacitated to access and operate in the marketplace.


Aside from agricultural and entrepreneurial support, World Vision offers trainings that would help community members enhance their financial literacy and financial management. For instance, our Community-Managed Savings and Credit Association (CoMSCA) program continues to benefit more than 61,655 members through savings generation and loan availment.


Despite numerous challenges, Edmar and his family found hope when he became a sponsored child. Edmar not only received school supplies, his parents also benefited from livelihood trainings, which helped build their income. Through World Vision, Edmar’s mom received a livelihood starter kit and learned how to make puto, a steamed rice cake served for snacks.
“My favorite part of being a sponsored child is joining several trainings that empowered me to think, speak, and mingle with different people,” Edmar shares. “I still use the skills I got from these trainings to grow my small business.” READ FULL STORY

Livelihood for every family in a community means to increase income that translates to food, education, healthcare, and asset creation. Our work includes increasing the capacities of families so that they can support the basic needs of their children in the long term.

  • productivity1

    We help increase productivity on agri-fishery by promoting natural farming

  • invetment1

    We invest in the economic resilience of parents and caregivers by providing financial training

  • engagement1

    We support increased engagement of producers to markets, service providers and relevant stakeholders


Community Managed Savings and Credit Association (CoMSCA) builds the economic resilience and financial literacy of households through the mobilization of self-help mechanisms on savings and credit services.

Natural Farming System promotes increase in farm productivity by being anchored on natural ways to care for the soil and crops.

Local Value Chain Development links farmers and producers to markets by closely collaborating with market players supporting enterprises and industries.