No more restless nights for young boy Jared

By Roxanne Angelika S Dela Cruz | Field and Emergency Communications Specialist

DAVAO DEL NORTE, Philippines  — “I am happy that we have a new mosquito net. I can sleep better now,” ten-year-old Jared, the youngest among the four siblings, says after receiving relief items that World Vision provided for flood-affected families in his hometown.

When a massive flood inundated their home, all the family’s possessions were soaked in muddy water. The family used to live in a tent borrowed from a relative for a while they were cleaning their house.

“We had nothing to sleep on as our mattress required days of cleaning. That was why I had to borrow a tent from my brother,” Edmar, Jared’s father, shares.

Jared and his sisters endured restless nights, constantly bothered by the persistent discomfort of mosquito bites. The siblings also uncomfortably shared a single blanket, but due to their movement during the night, only one of them ended up being covered by it.

Floodwater increases health risks among residents. Diseases such as typhoid fever, malaria, and dengue are common after heavy rains and flooding.

To help avoid such health risks, World Vision immediately provided affected families with hygiene kits and other non-food items including mats, blankets, and mosquito nets.

“These items are big help for to sleep better and safer at night, especially my children,” Edmar says.

Edmar also likes the sets of underwear included in the hygiene kit after most of their clothes were drench in floodwater.

“My family and I are truly grateful to your organization for providing us with necessities as we cope and recover,” Edmar says.

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