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To help the poor is to feel their pain

I’m Richelda, a graduate of Social Work from Bicol University in 2010. Honestly, I didn’t have any idea about the course. It wasn’t even my first choice. But as years passed, I grew to love my course and imagined myself  – I will be the children’s savior, the poor’s voice, and I will make the Philippines a better place to live. I imagined I would be doing…Read More


Cycle of Generosity

There was a woman with her little boy who walked across our event site. The little boy glanced at her mom feeling confused. Few steps away, he handed me a signal, “What is that?”. Then I smiled at him…Read More


Ways to limit your children’s gadget use

While gadget use has its benefits to children such as being a source of learning and entertainment, the excessive use of it may do more harm than good…Read More


How to prepare healthy meals for children

A mother who wants to provide better nutrition for her children cannot be stopped by a meager daily food budget. Diet diversity, which ensures children and family members of intake of essential nutrients, can be obtained by using local and affordable food resources….Read More


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