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Gift of EDSA

“You are a Flow-through in every breakthrough. It’s when God called you that the blessings you receive were meant for other people.” It was a rainy Friday night, everyone was rushing to go home. I tried to book a grab worth Php 233 for safety and comfort, yet God told me to take the bus instead. I obeyed…Read More


Revisiting our Resolutions

You have probably listed down some of your ‘resolutions’ you planned early on in hopes that this year will be better off than those that passed. It probably might include goals for personal career growth, some are to improve personality, while some are just for fun and leisure…Read More


Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Kids

Long breaks, gift-giving and a lot of good food make Christmas the most sought-after occasion to kids and to kids-at-heart. And to make it more fun and exciting, here are some activities that we can try inside and outside of our homes…Read More


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