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Where writers/bloggers share, connect, inspire, and transform children’s lives – together.

Do you have a strong desire to share about your personal journey as a Child Advocate or Child Sponsor? Most of World Vision supporters have this motivation after reading heartfelt stories or news about children, learning about World Vision or simply receiving updates about sponsored children. However, we know it is not always easy to start writing about topics, such as advocating welfare and rights of Children or about Child Sponsorship. But we want to encourage you.

Sharing your personal experience could open up opportunities for many  children!

If you believe helping a child or a World Vision community has created an impact in your life, pass on the kindness and share your story online!

a.) Email us at wvphilippines(at)wvi(dot)org with the subject “#BlogForChildren entry” with the following details:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Link to any of your online account/blog/website
  • Attached your Blog Entry
    • with Photos/Youtube Video Link; if applicable
    • at least 400 words (subject to review)

b.) You can also tag us or send in a link of your online post on any of our official social media account – FacebookTwitter or Instagram so we can share it via our social media pages.

Every child deserves a full life. Join us and make a difference.